Top 3 Gyms In The Glen Osmond Area

How To Join A Gym In Glen Osmond

Trying to find a gym that’s just right for you can be a daunting task. Seeing which has the best facilities, the best price point, and the prime location can overwhelm just about anybody. So if you’re trying to figure out which gym is best for you, and you live around the Glen Osmond area, we already did the work for you. We looked at four of the gyms in the area and compared how they stack up. The metrics used were first of all price, then location, facilities, range of equipment, and finally their programs and services. Here’s how they performed.

Reality Self Defense and Conditioning:

Looking at the price, currently, they are offering three interesting courses. One in Russian kettle ball training, another in Krav Maga, and the last being a women’s self-defense workshop. Each offered for 99$ for 8 sessions over 4 weeks. They appear to be less of an equipment focused gym, and more of an activity-based one, which can be great if that’s what you’re looking for. Its location is also great, the Glen Osmund Scout Hall.

Gym Urrbrae

Address: Urrbrae Agricultural High School near the Waite Arboretum

Membership Fee: This gym is part of EFM Health clubs. Their price range appears to be in a month by month membership plan that can range between 9$ and 33$, but their prices aren’t listed. They have over 100,000$ worth of equipment, which is great for those who prefer working at their own pace. They also offer personal training, with free form drop-in classes.

 Beautiful Fit:

Address: Located in Highgate

Membership Fee: With a price of 40$ per week, Beautiful Fit offers daily classes, personal training, and numerous programs. Located in Highgate, it appears to be the furthest on our list from Glen Osmond. They have some traditional gym equipment but appear to be more focused on classes and training.

Zap Fitness:

Address: locations across Australia

Membership Fee: Last but not least on our list is Zap fitness. Starting at 10$ a week, there are many options with different levels of training and one-on-one access. You also get 24/7 entry to any of their locations across Australia. The Zap fitness is the closest on our list to the Glen Osmond area.

How To Join A Gym In Glen Osmond

 Our Personal Top Three:

1. Gym Urrbrae: With a good location and mix of services for a decent price, this is our number one pick.

2. Zap Fitness: A classic gym experience for a reasonable price, plus Australia wide access makes this our number 2 pick.

3. Beautiful Fit: With a more individual focussed approach and a lot of programs and some equipment this slots in at number 3.

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