Step Into Life Gym Review: Prices, Facilities & Location

How To Join A Step Into Life Gym

Step Into Life is one of the largest gym chains in Australia. They opened their first location in 1995 and since then have expanded exponentially. It is no wonder because they are the leaders of group outdoors personal training programs. If you are interested in exercising outside among your community, Step Into Life is a great option to consider. Here is a review of everything you need to know about Step Into Life.

Overview of Services Provided

Step Into Life is one of the best places to get in shape and lose weight, as this fitness center offers a lot. First of all, here you will find professional personal trainers with years of experience, which will give you 8-week fitness evaluations to see how you are doing. Not only that, but you will get a customized nutritional program, which will depend on your current fitness level and your goals. In addition to a custom nutrition plan, you will also receive one of 5 different training programs which are tailored to your fitness goals.

Joining Process

To join the Step Into Life fitness center, you have to choose your location and a gym closest to you will be selected. Then, you have three membership options:

1. Base

This membership option comes with 1 session per week, comes with full member benefits, all training programs, flatpack, make-up sessions, and regular fitness reports. All of it for $22 per week and $ 60-lifetime membership fee.

2. Ascent

For this membership pack, you get 2 sessions per week and everything listed above with addition to suspension training. Ascent option costs $34 per week and requires $ 60-lifetime membership fee.

3. Infinity

The final option, Infinity, gives you unlimited sessions per week and everything mentioned in Ascent option. Infinity membership option costs $45 per week and there is not a lifetime membership fee.


After you select your membership option, now you can select what training programs you want to attend. There are five different available training sessions to choose from:


Does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert, this training program involves cardio work in a vast range of different exercises. It is great for strengthening your heart and losing weight.


This training program is tailored to increase the strength of your core and improve your posture. The workout consists of working out outside with dumbbells and a fit ball.

Tone up

If you want to have a full-body workout and tone your muscle mass, this is the program to choose.


This training program is made for those who want to stretch, improve their core strength and flexibility. Powerflex training program consists of elements of yoga and Pilates.

Box kick

If you are interested in martial arts, Boxkick is just for you. This training program improves your strength and cardio by fusing kicking, boxing, and self-defense exercises.

After you choose training sessions you want to attend from the timetable, you pay and that is it. You have joined the Step Into Life fitness center!


There is over 60 Step into Life locations in seven states of Australia.

In Melbourne, Victoria, there are 30 locations to choose from. It guarantees that you will find the Step Into Life fitness center near your home!

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