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Next Generation Gym Reviews

Next Generation Memorial Drive Review

1Overview of the service provided

If you are like most people, you probably started the new year with fitness resolutions like,” I am going to lose weight this year,” easier said than done! Saying you will lose weight and actually losing weight are two different things. According to statistics over 50 percent of adults across the world are static. That is over 3 billion adults! Sounds chilling right!?

Well you can change that by joining a fitness club, like the Next Gen Memorial Drive. The fitness club offers amazing facilities in a friendly and warm environment.

Located in North Adelaide, the club has been changing lives and keeping people fit for several years. The experience of trainers runs deep and they know the main difference between time proven techniques and cheap fads.

The facility also offers unlimited access to anyone willing to join the club and as a member you stand to benefit from an active and healthy lifestyle as well as an extensive gym with professional personal trainers that will take your fitness regimen to the next level.

Next Generation Gym Membership Prices

To join the club, you will need to book an appointment and then tour the club with team. You will be shown the center’s facilities and advised accordingly on a membership that suits your needs. Alternatively, you can fill out the membership enquiry form on the club’s website and the customer service team will get in touch.

The facility offers various membership options ranging from those designed for individuals, couples to those tailored towards older populations and corporates. Now, after choosing your preferred membership option you will be booked into a fitness welcome session where you will learn a lot about the club as you prepare start your training.

Locations across Australia

Next Gen health clubs are also located in

  • Sydney
  • Canberra
  • Perth
  • Auckland

Location in Adelaide, South Australia

The facility is located in North Adelaide on War Memorial Drive. If you are using public transport, the best way to access the club is through train as it is only a 10-minute walk distance from the Railways station. Similarly, there are also several bus routes that pass close to the venue.

War Memorial Drive, North Adelaide, SA, 5006.

Facilities and type of equipment provided

Next Gen has an extensive range of free weight and functional training equipment. Actually, you will find everything you need for that fulfilling workout. The equipment includes;

A spacious and extensive gym floor – with free weights, lunge, PT zones and more

State of art cardio equipment – including steppers, cross trainers, treadmills, maxim versa climbers, and recumbent bikes.

Pin and cable resistance gear – for a full body resistance workout

SYNRGY360 functional fitness zone – Perfect for users for all fitness levels, the solution features a monkey bar zone, dip handle, battle ropes, cable motion space,7 special exercise areas and more.

Personal Training Zone – Features kettlebells, benches, cardio equipment, iron-edge racks plus guidance from personal trainers.

Extras at Next Gen Memorial Fitness Club

Getting replenished is very important after a serious workout and the club will take care of that too! It doesn’t matter whether you were doing cardio or you were strength training, you will certainly experience the facility’s “hospitality,” as you unwind with clients, family or friends. You can catch a game on the widescreen TV or read a newspaper at the members lounge or enjoy a wide array of snacks and meals at the Next Gen Café. What’s more, the outdoor pool terrace is open 24/7 and offers an excellent way to relax or spend time with family.

Customer Reviews

Karl: Before joining the club I always felt weak and had knee and shoulder pain. But now thanks to the facility and their caring trainers, I feel great and have no problems.

Agnisi: When my doctor first recommended the facility to me to treat a rare medical condition, I was reluctant. However, I was surprised after 3 weeks of strength training and weight lifting that I was getting better and I actually found it fun to lift weights.

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