Life PT Review: Price, Location & Facilities

How To Join A Life PT Health Club

Life Personal Trainers focus mainly on creating a system where their clients get the best in health coaching, both in terms of fitness training and dietary therapy, ensuring they achieve optimal health at the peak of its powers. Founded in 2001 by Kristin and Tanya Lewis, Life PT has been adamant about sharing the benefits of good health, and actively helping others to achieve this end by personally leading them through an effective, well-planned fitness training regimen.


The key focus for Life PT is optimal health. This means they offer everything from commercial-grade fitness equipment to top of the line dietary therapy for individuals, corporates, pre/postnatal care tips as well as personal variety training programs for anyone with a specific training need.

They also offer fitness and dietary consultation at very competitive prices, and they give pointers to people who prefer a DIY (Do it yourself) kind of set up. At Life PT you get hands-on expertise from one of the best personal training teams in Adelaide, and you get coaching that is full proof.

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Locations across Australia

Life PT has 3 central locations in Australia, all strategically located to ensure easy access regardless of where you are commuting from. These three locations include Unley, Kent Town, and Hutt Street. One key feature offered by all three locations is the fact that you can book a studio tour, where you can see how things work, the attention to detail, the top-class equipment, the highly trained staff as well as the various steps taken towards optimum health.


Locations in Adelaide

All three Life PT studios are within Adelaide borders, the Unley studio is located on the inner Adelaide southern suburb on the Unley city fringe, the Kent Town studio on 11 College road at the end of Norwood Parade, while the Hutt Street Studio is more centrally placed close to the SE Adelaide Parklands.


Joining Process/membership

Life PT’s main focus is on Personalized training, health, and fitness. This is why you have everything from personal training, dietary consulting, core health processes to post and prenatal care on all levels. Each specific type of membership requires a specific type of membership portfolio, so all you need to do is sign up to their website, look through the membership options and find one that suits your personal preference.

The pricing on sessions is on a casual basis, where you pay for each session as you use it. This is usually the most convenient as it allows you to better plan your sessions in order of convenience.

If, however, you are looking for greater value, then there is the option of a pre-paid block that gives you more value for money. The options vary depending on how many people there are in your group. It’s normally on a one-person one trainer basis, but for groups, you get one trainer for two or more people.

The PT kit can range anything from $120 to $194 for 4 weeks. Individual, core health and Pre/postnatal packages all range between $100 up to $8100 depending on the specific block package you sign up for.


Nutrition and Personal Training

Life PT has secured the services of practicing dieticians who ensure your fitness regimen matches your diet for maximum results. With Matthew Morby who doubles up as an accredited diet specialist and a personal trainer and Tanya Lewis who is also an accredited sports dietician and PT, you can be assured that you are in good hands.

It is important to note that diet and fitness are jointly exhaustive, you cannot achieve one without the other.



The equipment you find at Life PT matches any top-class equipment in any of the various top-of-the-line gyms across Adelaide. The cardiovascular and resistance training equipment is all specifically suited to the kind of intense, all-round personal training coaching you will receive once you sign up.

The x trainers, steppers, kettlebells, treadmills, rowing machines are only a small list of the quality equipment you can look forward to.


How To Join A Life PT Health Club

Life PT is all about changing the way people perceive going to the gym. What has been known to be a laborious, tiring work out session has now been transformed into an ergonomic coaching session where no two work out sessions are the same, and everything is tailor-fitted to achieve maximum results.


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