7 Tips For Joining A Gym In Adelaide

How To Join A Gym In Adelaide

Thinking about getting back into fitness or looking for a new gym to join?

We’ve put together a basic guide to selecting a new gym that helps you with what to look for, plus how to get off to the best start possible. Enjoy!

  1. Start with a goal: Knowing what you want out of a fitness program may dictate the type of gym you join. If you have big goals, you’ll likely want to join a more personalized gym, perhaps hire a personal trainer.
  2. Know you: What type of exercise do you like? High intensity? Join a circuit-based or perhaps boxing gym. Like “me time” on the treadmill, perhaps join a bigger 24-hour gym. Consider what you enjoy most before choosing the gym!
  3. Get a proper induction: Most gyms offer a free induction or complimentary session with a trainer. Take advantage of it! Get to know all of the equipment and perhaps pick up some tips on a specific training method to get you to your goals sooner!
  4. Plan to succeed: We all live busy lives, but to make sure you will be able to get enough workouts in during any given week, map out the times you can train at the start of each week so that you are prepared in advance.
  5. Seek knowledge: If you’re unsure about the best way to go about achieving your goal, find out! The answers you seek are likely just a Google search or a visit to Youtube away.
  6. Track your progress: Most fitness apps nowadays have inbuilt workout programs, calorie counting, and even diet tips. Download one right away and start using it because if it isn’t measured it can’t be monitored and improved upon.
  7. Get an accountability buddy: It’s the moments when you’re just about to skip a workout until an accountability partner gives you a gentle nudge that can be the difference between achieving your goals or not, so find a friend or family member to be your accountability buddy asap!

There you have it, a seven-step guide to joining a gym. Now it’s over to you – time to move!

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