5 Best Gyms Near Edwardstown

Crossfit Tenacity

Address: 14 Deloraine Rd, Adelaide SA 5039, Australia

Contact Number: 0412 755 647

Email: matt@crossfittenacity.com.au

Website: http://www.crossfittenacity.com.au/

Crossfit Tenacity has $75 for $100 deal at Crossfit Tenacity. CrossfitTenacity has a variety of CrossFit and weightlifting equipment. Crossfit Tenacity offers access to better fitness and physical ability through their workout facility.

X-ROAD Fitness

Address: 375 Cross Rd, Edwardstown SA

Contact Number: 8371 2600


Website: https://www.xroadfitness.com.au/Anytime Fitness

The membership pricing of X-ROAD Fitness for 6 months is $300, 3 months $200, 1 month $80, casual gym or class MON-THU is $10, casual gym or class FRI-SAT is $5, the aerobic class is $10, and the 10 visit pass is $90. There is no joining fee. X-ROAD Fitness is a well-equipped gym with qualifies fitness instructors you can take classes with, modern calorie-burning machines, and a large weight area. X-ROAD Fitness offers Hi-Lo, Step, Toning, TTB, X-Trainer, Yoga, and Circuit.

Anytime Fitness Black Forrest

Address: Shop 2-3, 715-727 South Road the Black Forrest, SA 5035

Contact Number: 1800 917 476

Email: anytimecs@debitsuccess.com

Website: http://https//www.anytimefitness.com.au/gyms/au-1492/black-forest-sa-5035/

Membership fees of Anytime fitness are $7.50 for the Billers Admiration Fee, $2.50 (Maximum) for the Freeze Fee (per week), and $30 (Maximum) for the Guest Fee. There is gym amenities, cardio equipment, strength/ free weights, functional training, and training and coaching courses. Anytime Fitness offers the AF challenge, Healthy Eating Assistance, Information on Lastest Fitness Trends, and the access to physical exercise assistance to build your body.

F45 St Marys

Address: Shop 3 1133-1135 South Road St Marys SA 5042

Contact Number: 0455 45 45 49

Email: Southroadsa@f45training.com.au

Website: https://f45trianing.com.au/southroadsa/

The Membership prices are $250 for 10 Visit Class Pass, $0 for 14 Day Experience – Local Residents Only, $270 for 4 WKS Unlimited Training, $30 for Casual Class, $69 for One Week Visitor Pass. F45 leaves competition and clients “gasping” for air. F45 features innovative, challenging, and systemized team workouts. The studio is made to help clients physical ability.

EFM Cumberland Park

Address: 39 Oxford Terrace, Unley SA 5061

Contact Number: 1300 336 348

Email: info@efm.net.au

Website: https://efm.net.au/club/cumberland-park

Membership prices of Cumberland Park are offered in person. The gym offers a variety of workout equipment. The gym offers weight loss and fitness help along with having Australia’s leading personalized training programs.

How To Join A Local Gym

Anytime Fitness, F45, and X-ROAD Fitness offered the best correlation between quality and prices so those are my top 3 choices for gyms in the area.

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