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Top 3 Pt Adelaide Personal Trainers Revealed

Personal Trainers in Pt Adelaide

1. Tracey Kennedy, EFM Port Adelaide

Address: Port Recreation Stadium 50 St Vincent St. Gym Port Adelaide

Contact Number: 0403-087-493



EFM Gym Port Adelaide offers a hands-on approach to personal training. Fitness coach Tracey Kennedy is the owner of EFM Port Adelaide. She offers many different group training classes. The gym offers low prices. EFM Health Clubs are located throughout Melbourne, Adelaide, and Adelaide CBD. Some of the equipment all of the gyms offer is cardio equipment and strength training equipment. There are also many group training opportunities available and personal training options.

2. Damian Grant, Fitness Frontline

Address: 13 Endeavor Drive, Port Adelaide



Fitness Frontline’s personal trainer is Damian Grant. His prices are affordable, and there’s a one week trial. Fitness Frontline has one facility located in Port Adelaide. The gym offers a variety of exercise equipment including treadmills, stationary bicycles, and more. Fitness Frontline is known for their fun group training and one on one personal training.

3. Bo Tarah, Body By Bo

Address: Adelaide area


Body By Bo-Tarah specializes in personal training. Her prices are as followed, 30 minutes for $30, X3 30 minutes for $99, or bring a friend for $10 a session. Tarah offers training online as well. Equipment available is limited. She is trained in women’s fat loss, and toning and building muscle.

Best Personal Trainer in Port Adelaide

The best personal trainer in Pt Adelaide is Tracey Kennedy from EFM Port Adelaide. EFM offers more options for all ages and genders. Those trainers also have group training, so there is a great value options there too.

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The 4 Best Gyms in Port Adelaide

How To Join A Gym In Port Adelaide

So, you’ve decided to join some local gym and iron out the kinks in your muscles? Gee, I’m excited for you; there’s so much that comes with gym membership: like joining some fitness program, getting to use state-of-the-art equipment and bonding with the local fitness community.

There’s always that invigorating ambiance, in a friendly gym that empowers one to “moxie up” work towards personal health goals. So how do you find the right gym?

How to choose a local gym in Port Adelaide

To begin with, gyms are only suitable for people who don’t like exercising alone at home or have got no fitness facilities at home or in offices. But if you enjoy those solo outdoor workouts, then a gym subscription would be a waste of money. The same goes for those who get contented with their trainers at home; don’t bother getting a gym membership.

Still willing to proceed with the subscription? Well, here how you find your perfect gym:

Know the reason why you want to join a gym so you can check out the gyms that have everything you require to reach your fitness goals. For example, if you love indoor cycling, then you can start by eliminating the gyms that lack cycling studios.

Describe your perfect gym listing all the “Must-Haves”. To avoid falling for those cool locker rooms and treadmills, which are nice to have but may not be suitable for the workouts you want to do, picture your ideal gym taking your daily workouts into consideration.

Check them out on social media to learn their programs, the kind of community they keep and the reviews they get.

Try them out. Most gyms have got some free trial days you can take advantage of to take them for a test drive and check out the equipment, cleanliness, culture, and routines they employ.

Consider location. If you exercise during lunch hours, pick a gym near your office, while if you exercise in the mornings and evenings, pick a club near your house.

Consider gyms with a short-term subscription

Port Adelaide Gyms

1. Anytime Fitness

Address: 110-112 Commercial Road Port Adelaide, SA 5015

Contact Number: 0477 007 234

The Anytime Fitness facility may very well be the hottest gym club to be spotted at during the evenings and weekends. It boasts of serving the largest fitness community in Australia 24/7 with the following offers:

Membership Price: The joining fee is $99 or a weekly cost of $15.95

Facilities: The club and its equipment are accessible to members 24/7 and include cardio equipment, dumbbells, bikes, weight machines, bathrooms, security monitoring and more

Services: They offer a free trial where you can try out their programs before making commitments. There’re expert personal trainers to help you through your workout routines. Opening hours are from 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm except on Friday when they don’t close for lunch

2. EFM Health Club Pt Adelaide

Address: 50 St Vincent St, SA, Port Adelaide, 5015 At Port Recreation Stadium

Contact Number: 0403 087 493



Not your regular gym but just a club for people of all age, size, and fitness to take classes on how to achieve personal fitness and health goals.

Membership Price: A joining fee of $99 and personalized training ranges from only $7-$15 per session.

Facilities and Programs: There’s an assortment of cardiovascular equipment and programs such as Boot Camps, and Eat Well Live Well that is tailored to give the best workout and diet regimen.

Services: Get to train with the impeccable Tracy Kennedy, who is specialized in almost everything from Cardio, Boxing, self-defense coaching. Tai Chi to massage therapy and rehabilitation

3. Good Life Royal Park

Address: 1202 Old Port Road, Royal Park

Contact Number: 8241 0444


Membership to this gym allows you 24/7 access to a 25m lap pool and the new Functional Training Zone where you can enjoy the services of personal trainers and therapists.

Membership Fee: A Joining Fee of $99 and a weekly fee of $14.95. There’re other membership programs such as Active Plus, Active Home and Active Flexi you can take advantage off.

Services and Facilities: There’s an assortment of cardiovascular equipment, cycle studio, group exercises such as Yoga, Les Mills, and Pilates. Massages and physiotherapy are also performed

4. CrossFit Fallen

Address: 2nd street Port Adelaide

Contact Number: 0433 600 222

CrossFit Fallen is a gym dedicated to honoring fallen servicemen and women. They offer a 2-week free trial membership where you can take unlimited classes before committing to:

Membership Programs: The standard weekly program costs $40, the weekly emergency services & student costs $34 while the casual membership costs $20 a week.

Services and Facilities: Gym sessions are on every day of the week with excellent staff training guiding on sparring, Yoga and more. You can take your friend along for free every Saturday for extra fun.

Best Port Adelaide Gym

The fitness culture in Port Adelaide is growing; you can join the biggest fitness community at AnyTime Fitness, work out at EFM with Tracy Kennedy or enjoy some CrossFit at CrossFit Fallen.

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