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Top 3 Pt Adelaide Personal Trainers Revealed

Personal Trainers in Pt Adelaide

1. Tracey Kennedy, EFM Port Adelaide

Address: Port Recreation Stadium 50 St Vincent St. Gym Port Adelaide

Contact Number: 0403-087-493



EFM Gym Port Adelaide offers a hands-on approach to personal training. Fitness coach Tracey Kennedy is the owner of EFM Port Adelaide. She offers many different group training classes. The gym offers low prices. EFM Health Clubs are located throughout Melbourne, Adelaide, and Adelaide CBD. Some of the equipment all of the gyms offer is cardio equipment and strength training equipment. There are also many group training opportunities available and personal training options.

2. Damian Grant, Fitness Frontline

Address: 13 Endeavor Drive, Port Adelaide



Fitness Frontline’s personal trainer is Damian Grant. His prices are affordable, and there’s a one week trial. Fitness Frontline has one facility located in Port Adelaide. The gym offers a variety of exercise equipment including treadmills, stationary bicycles, and more. Fitness Frontline is known for their fun group training and one on one personal training.

3. Bo Tarah, Body By Bo

Address: Adelaide area


Body By Bo-Tarah specializes in personal training. Her prices are as followed, 30 minutes for $30, X3 30 minutes for $99, or bring a friend for $10 a session. Tarah offers training online as well. Equipment available is limited. She is trained in women’s fat loss, and toning and building muscle.

Best Personal Trainer in Port Adelaide

The best personal trainer in Pt Adelaide is Tracey Kennedy from EFM Port Adelaide. EFM offers more options for all ages and genders. Those trainers also have group training, so there is a great value options there too.

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Top 5 Personal Trainers in Glenelg Revealed

Personal Trainers Glenelg

It is now the perfect time to get fit and start working out. Working out has a ton of great benefits including getting stress out, lifts mood, gets you energized, and is overall is a great way to take care of your body. There are a handful of personal training programs in Glenelg and we will be reviewing the top personal training programs there is in Glenelg to help you get training.

1. Personal Trainer Glenelg


Personal Trainer Glenelg offers multiple training programs that target specific goals, whether that may be strength and toning or flexibility. All of their programs are taught by skilled trainers that will help you get in shape and live healthier. In addition to the programs they also offer nutritional advice and program updates. For all of this, it costs $65 per session.

2. Marion PT


Marion PT will help you design a perfect exercise program that works for you. There are multiple reasons to train with Marion PT, their exercise programs will help you build strength, help you to get in the right mindset to increase results, improve cardio, and overcome injuries. They offer exercise programs taught by professional trainers to help to stay on the right track.

3. Inner Focus Health and Fitness


Inner Focus Health and Fitness offers different kinds of programs from beginners to those that are more advanced. Inner Focus Health and Fitness also has an exceptional facility to train in and an expert personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals.

4. Life-Long Fitness


Life-Long Fitness offers a variety of programs such as weight loss, posture correction, resistance training, cardiovascular training, boxing and more. They provide a consultation before any exercise is started. Their programs are tailor-made and designed specifically for you.

5. Fitness Faster


Fitness Faster offers a variety of programs and training classes that will help you to reach your fitness goals. Their programs include toning and shaping of the body, building strength and muscles, improving posture, and rehabilitation. They offer personal training and group training.

Best Personal Trainer in Glenelg

All of these personal training programs in Glenelg are great programs that offer great training experience. But if you are looking for more in addition to a personal trainer. Simon from Personal Trainer Glenelg have great programs for training, such as flexibility, cardiovascular training, and posture correction.

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Top 5 Personal Trainers in Mawson Lakes

Personal Trainers Mawson Lakes

Right now is the perfect time to join a personal training program to get some exercise and live a healthier life. We will be reviewing the top personal trainers in Mawson Lakes for price and value. Get the results you want!

1. EFM Health Clubs

Address: 50 Mawson Lakes Blvd, Mawson Lakes SA, Australia

Contact Number: 0412 900 015


EFM Health Clubs offers a great facility and personal trainers to help train your body. They offer different programs such as weight loss and nutrition programs. Their membership prices for personal trainign and group personalised training are very affordable!

2. Personal Trainer Mawson Lakes

Address: 50 Mawson Lakes Blvd. Mawson Lakes, SA 5095

Contact number: 0434 939 207


Personal Trainer Mawson Lakes offer a variety of training programs such as strength and toning and flexibility. Personal Trainer costs just $65 per session.

3. Push Your Limits Personal Training

Address: 7/96 Research Road, Pooraka, SA 5095

Contact number: 0430 724 800


Push Your Limits Personal Training offers personal training sessions, strength and conditioning, boxing, and running programs. Their personal training programs cost $60 per session.

4. Fitness 2 Impact

Address: Mawson Lakes Blvd. SA 5095

Contact number: 0424 991 199


Fitness 2 Impact offers a training program taught by a professional trainer that will push you to your limits and will help you achieve your goals. Their program costs $50 for 3 weeks or $550 for 3 months. Every time you pay for a subscription, they’ll donate a portion to charities.

5. Tick Fit Fitness

Address: Shop 1/5-15 Goodall Parade, Mawson Lakes, SA 5095

Contact number: 0427 749 224


Tick Fit Fitness offers a variety of programs that will create a personal training plan based on their analysis. They have a variety of programs such as personal training, life, and fitness education, and injury rehabilitation, Their personal training program with an expert costs $60 for a total of 40 minutes. They also accept Medicare and insurance.

Best Personal Trainer Mawson Lakes

All of these are great options for personal training. The top personal fitness programs offered are within EFM Health Clubs and Personal Trainer Mawson Lakes. They offer other additional programs for different needs such as rehabilitation, cardio, and strength training.

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Top 5 Local Personal Trainers in Golden Grove

Personal Trainers in Golden Grove

If you live in Golden Grove and have a calling to start exercising – whether for weight-loss or athletic purpose – hiring a personal trainer would be your best decision. Personal trainers help you perform the exercises properly, so you don’t get injured. Many provide a training schedule or even a food plan for you. Besides that, they motivate and help you to continue with the workout whenever you feel like giving up.

There are several training organisations with personal trainers that we strongly recommend. And all of these organisations offer personal training in Golden Grove.

1. EFM Health Club Golden Grove

EFM offers both 1-1 training and also group fitness training.


  • Prices vary depending on a few factors, but expect to pay around $30 per week for group personalised training and about $60 for PT

  • Location: 40-60 Surrey Farm Drive, Golden Grove SA 5125, Australia

Contact Info:

Phone number – 0416 283 115


2. Step Into Life

If you prefer to train in the outdoors, step-into-life is the organization you need. One of the personal trainers, Andi, will help you achieve your goals through a group training program in the outdoors.


  • $22 per week, including one session per week.
  • $34 per week, including two sessions per week.
  • $42 per week, including unlimited sessions per week.
  • Location: Richardson Oval, Golden Grove, SA.

Contact Info:

Phone number – 0433 757 250 (Andi)


3. The Zap

Every training facility of the Zap organization is open 24 hours a day. And once you pay for membership status, you can work in whichever facility you want – whether it’s in South Australia or Tasmania.


  • $29 per week, including two sessions per week.
  • Location: The Golden Way, Golden Grove, SA 5125

Contact Info:

Phone number: 1300 927 348



4. Northeast Sports & Family Chiropractic

If you have a problem concerning your spine and nervous system that impedes your movement, North East Sports & Family Chiropractic is the organization that could help you.

They’ll provide you with a personal trainer, who will examine your problem and give you certain exercises to solve it through as many sessions as needed.

Contact Info:

Address: Shop 3, 400 Montague Road, PARA VISTA SA 5093

Phone number: 08 8263 0301



5. Sharp Fitness and Pilates

Sharp Fitness and Pilates, as the name suggests, is a training organization, which focuses on a combination of pilate methods and gym exercises. All that to help you improve your strength, health, and flexibility.

If you choose this organization, the personal trainer – that you’d be working with – is called Becky. Becky is a professional in the training field, who will give you great support from the very beginning to the end of your training sessions.

Contact info:

Phone number: 0468 632 886


Best Golden Grove Personal Trainer

I hope that our list of training organisations, available in Golden Grove, has been helpful to you. Besides, if you make a decision to train with a personal trainer – no matter which of these organizations you choose, you won’t make a mistake. We recommend giving EFM Health Clubs Golden Grove a go, because their personalised trainign programs offer exceptional value

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Top 5 Personal Trainers in Burnside Ranked

Personal Trainers in Burnside

As a fitness lover myself I can tell you there is no better way to change the way in which you approach fitness than a personal trainer. After going to the gym with a routine I found on youtube for months I finally decided it was time to hire a personal instructor.

Let me tell you, being monitored by a professional is a whole new fitness experience, from helping you set realistic goals to help you develop a routine that fits your body perfectly. Honestly, if you haven’t tried to exercise with a personal trainer you are missing out on whole new training experience.

The catch is, finding a trainer that fits your needs is not an easy task and, just so you don’t have to, I have researched the different Burnside personal trainers and ranked them. Here is the result:

1. EFM Gym Burnside

Address: 462 Greenhill Rd in Linden Park


The best thing about them is that you don’t need to book in advance and you receive brand new personalized programs every day. Their facilities have premier quality cardiovascular and resistance training equipment and their group personalised training programs offer exceptional value for money.

2. T2M

Address: 489 The Parade Rosslyn Park


The smaller gym with a great atmosphere is run by two personal trainers, Dianne and Irene. I’m afraid in order to know the exact price you’ll have to contact them yourself as they offer highly specialised routines.

3. Liang’s Fitness

Address: Uren St Magill, 5072


Liang is a highly experienced taekwondo and general fitness trainer who offers private sessions so you can work out with absolute privacy.

4. Life Personal Trainers


They offer a great variety of personalised programs before, during and after business hours. You don’t need to pay a joining fee or membership, you just pay per session around $97 an hour, less if you purchase sessions in pre-paid blocks.

5. Daredevil Fitness


They have a 12-week transformation program for $50/week were they include on top of the proper sessions, meal plans and supplements. They have a great variety of programs so I’m sure you can find one the fits your requirements.

Best Personal Trainer in Burnside

So, there you go, now if you live in the Burnside area you don’t really have an excuse to not join a personalized program. My personal top pick is EFM Health Club Burnside as they offer the best value for money. Liang’s Fitness is a good option for something different with his taekwondo workouts. However, this is just my preference. The options are endless, you just have to find the trainer that suits you the most!

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Top 5 Unley Personal Trainers Revealed

Personal Trainers Unley

It’s is now a great time to work out and get in shape and to live a healthier lifestyle. What better way to train the way to a healthy lifestyle than working with a personal trainer. There are plenty of personal training programs for you to join in Unley. We’ll be reviewing the top personal training programs to see which one will work best for you.

1. EFM Health Club Unley

Address: 39 Oxford Terrace, Unley SA 5061, Australia

Contact Number: 0411 424 304


EFM Health Club is also a great program that offers personal training programs that are effective yet fun. They also offer supervised group training and fun challenges.

2. Life PT

Address: 115-117 Unley Road, Unley

Contact Number: 08 8272 3500


Life PT offers personal training programs to help you achieve your fitness goals. In addition, they also offer dietary consulting, core health, programs to teens and kids.

3. Tyla Wilson

Address: 72 Malvern Ave, Malvern, Adelaide, SA 5061

Contact Number: 0416 618 119


Tyla Wilson offers a training program that will motivate you to live and train for a healthier lifestyle. She offers 1 on 1 training or group sessions. In addition to personal training, she also offers massage therapy.

4. Synergy64

Address: 64 Unley Rd, Unley 5061

Contact Number: 0408 824 523


Synergy64 is a personal training and pilates program that is created by experienced personal trainers that have been in the industry for over a decade. Their 1 on 1 session costs $80 per hour.

5. Pulse Power

Address: 141 King William Road Hyde Park SA 5061

Contact Number: 0424 158 277


Pulse Power offers personal training, strength and toning, relaxation and weight training. The casual cost per class is $25 or you can save more if you join in more classes. You can also sign up for a free trial before paying to be in a class.

Best Unley Personal Trainer

All of these trainers offer great personal training programs. The best Unley personal trainer according to our rankings is offered at EFM Health Club Unley. They have the best training programs and offer a variety of other services and challenges addition to personal training. So join a personal training program and get started on a road to a healthy lifestyle.

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