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Top 5 Personal Trainers in Glenelg Revealed

Personal Trainers Glenelg

It is now the perfect time to get fit and start working out. Working out has a ton of great benefits including getting stress out, lifts mood, gets you energized, and is overall is a great way to take care of your body. There are a handful of personal training programs in Glenelg and we will be reviewing the top personal training programs there is in Glenelg to help you get training.

1. Personal Trainer Glenelg


Personal Trainer Glenelg offers multiple training programs that target specific goals, whether that may be strength and toning or flexibility. All of their programs are taught by skilled trainers that will help you get in shape and live healthier. In addition to the programs they also offer nutritional advice and program updates. For all of this, it costs $65 per session.

2. Marion PT


Marion PT will help you design a perfect exercise program that works for you. There are multiple reasons to train with Marion PT, their exercise programs will help you build strength, help you to get in the right mindset to increase results, improve cardio, and overcome injuries. They offer exercise programs taught by professional trainers to help to stay on the right track.

3. Inner Focus Health and Fitness


Inner Focus Health and Fitness offers different kinds of programs from beginners to those that are more advanced. Inner Focus Health and Fitness also has an exceptional facility to train in and an expert personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals.

4. Life-Long Fitness


Life-Long Fitness offers a variety of programs such as weight loss, posture correction, resistance training, cardiovascular training, boxing and more. They provide a consultation before any exercise is started. Their programs are tailor-made and designed specifically for you.

5. Fitness Faster


Fitness Faster offers a variety of programs and training classes that will help you to reach your fitness goals. Their programs include toning and shaping of the body, building strength and muscles, improving posture, and rehabilitation. They offer personal training and group training.

Best Personal Trainer in Glenelg

All of these personal training programs in Glenelg are great programs that offer great training experience. But if you are looking for more in addition to a personal trainer. Simon from Personal Trainer Glenelg have great programs for training, such as flexibility, cardiovascular training, and posture correction.

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7 Best Gyms in the Glenelg Area

How To Join A Gym In Glenelg

Joining a gym or a fitness program is one of the surest ways that you can keep your body healthy.

As you looking to take this health step, the biggest dilemma for you might be which gym or fitness program to enroll in.

If you are residing in Glenelg, there are numerous options available each tailored to cater for a specific combination of needs.

Before deciding where to enroll, you should consider if the gym or the fitness program has the equipment that you are looking for.

In addition to this, the hours and location of the fitness center or gym must be convenient for you. You don’t want to join a program that will interfere with your work, do you?

You should also consider the membership options provided by the gym or fitness center. In most cases, they offer massive discounts if you are looking to take a long-term membership.

On the other hand, long-term memberships may not be the most convenient offering for you, and you have to keep this in mind.

You should also get know if you can access personal trainers for any specialized assistance if need be and also their family offerings. Moreover, the hygiene is vital and should enroll in a clean gym or fitness center. These are the top local gyms in the Glenelg area.

Glenelg Gyms

1. The Gym Glenelg

Address: Bayside Village Shopping Centre, Brighton Road

Contact Number: (08) 8377 6555


This is a top-notch gym which operates 24 hours and offers free onsite parking for up to three hours. The membership at this gym costs $18.95 week to week for the flexi package, $14.95 weekly for the 12-month package, and $745.00 for the 12-month upfront package. You are also entitled to a 5-day free trial period in line with their terms and conditions. This facility boasts of state-of-the-art massage services, personal training, and even cardio and strength equipment. At the GymGlenelg, you will get to enjoy services like group fitness classes and nutritional advice.

2. Plus Fitness

Address: 151 Brighton Road


Plus Fitness is open to members 24 hours with staff present from 10.00am to 7.00pm, except on Saturdays where they leave 2.00pm and on Sundays and public holidays it remains unstaffed.

This fitness center’s price starts at $13.95 a week, and the memberships have no lock-in contracts. Plus Fitness some of the industry-leading strength and cardio equipment.

Here you will get benefits like group classes, free fitness programs, and access to all Plus Fitness gyms across New Zealand and Australia.

3. Anytime Fitness

Address: 115 Jetty Road

Contact Number: 1800 917 476



Anytime Fitness is open 24 hours each day, 7 days a week. The basic monthly membership fee is $40, and there is an upfront $10 joining fee. This fitness center has an impressive collection of functional training equipment and also strength and cardio equipment. Anytime Fitness also provides training and coaching services, among other benefits.

4. F45 Glenelg

Address: 4-6 Brighton Road

Contact Number: 0416 676 233


The training sessions of F45 Glenelg is mostly run from 6.00 am till 6.00 pm. It is open 24 hours daily. You have three membership options here including the $699 unlimited 8-week package, the $79 unlimited weekly package, and the $285 limited monthly package. You can also apply for a 2-week free trial and later get a $49 a week introductory package. F45 Glenelg is fitted with all the strength and cardio equipment that you might need. The benefit of this gym is its focus on pro-level training.

5. EFM Health Club Glenelg

Address: 97-99 Partridge Street

Contact Number: 0419 172 489



The gym is open for 24/7 with personal training provided upon booking. This gym offers month by month membership with prices generally around $140 per month. The EFM gym has an assortment of strength and cardio equipment alongside personal training equipment. Personal training services are the main focus area for this gym.

6. Zap Fitness

Address: 8 Moseley Street

Contact Number: 1300 927 348



Zap Fitness operates round the clock. Membership for this fitness center costs $14.95 a week on the flexi package and $12.95 on the results membership package. This gym boasts of the latest equipment in cardio and strength training and also functional fitness. Zap Fitness services are popular for their holistic approach to health and fitness.

7. GoodLife Glenelg

Address: 520 Anzac Highway

Contact Number: 08 8295 8488


GoodLife Health Club is open 24 hours a day. The membership to this gym starts at $17.99 a week. This health club has the latest cycling equipment, cardio and strength equipment, and also functional training equipment.  The services here include exercise therapy, free parking, and childminding.

Best Gyms in Glenelg

As a Glenelg resident looking for a gym, your best three options are EFM Health CLub Glenelg, F45 Gym, or GoodLife Gym.

EFM is commendable for their affordable prices and value for money F45 Gym is notable for its pro-focused training, and Goodlife is remarkable for its family-friendliness and affordability. May your healthy living journey be fruitful.

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