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Review of the Best Gyms in Burnside

Guide to joining a gym in Burnside:

If you want to stay in shape, the easiest way to achieve this goal is registering to a gym near you. However, with various options to choose from there are certain factors you must consider before settling on any particular center. They include:-

a) Proximity. Your preferred gym should be within a short distance from where you live, this way it would be possible to visit it at any time even during night hours without feeling insecure.

b) Affordability. Always check the membership packages of different gyms, so as to find out those you can pay comfortably without struggling. Most centers have daily, weekly and monthly registration plans which cater to the needs of different types of clients.

c) Professional trainers. The gym should have certified instructors who can help you achieve your workout goals, through well-structured programs that address your specific needs. The trainers also need to be friendly & approachable, by allowing you to consult with them at any time in case you need further clarification on issues relating to your exercise routine.

d) Sanitation. The gym should be cleaned and dusted regularly to remove dirt/dust, which may otherwise make visitors to become sick. Also ensure it has sufficient washrooms for refreshment after workout sessions.

Top Gyms in Burnside:

I) Zap Fitness

This is a 24/7 training facility that provides members access to top-of-the-range equipment for cardio, fitness and strength exercises. Some of the facilities they have include; treadmills, climbers, upright & recumbent cycles as well as rowers.

The gym has various registration packages including, $12.95 and $14.95 per week membership options, as well as $29 for two sessions with your own trainer and workout schedule.

For details about their services contact them on 1300 ZAP FIT, or email at

II) EFM Health Club

Located in 462 Greenhill Rd, Linden Park SA 5065, Australia, EFM is a reputable gym that boasts some of the best facilities in the industry. Upon registration, members have access to weightlifts, running mills, stationary bikes and suspension trainers among other workout items.

The signup fee for members is between $7 to $12 per training session, though there are also monthly membership options available. To find out more about the gym, reach them on 0417 867 750 or send a mail at


III) Goodlife Health Clubs

It’s a family-friendly gym that provides visitors facilities for strength training and toning of muscles, and has a childcare center where your kids can safely be looked at while you continue training. Additionally, the venue provides quality exercise therapy for those who are injured or have an underlying health problem.

This institution is located at 539 Greenhill Rd Hazelwood Park, SA 5066 and they can be reached through phone on 08 8333 6700. Some of the facilities available include; cycle studio, cardio equipment, changing rooms, group fitness and free parking.

For membership, you need to pay an admission fee of $99, including a quarterly training charge of $9.95. Visit:

IV) Core Physio & Pilates

This gym is dedicated to physiotherapy and Pilates exercises, whereby visitors have access to practical physio exercises, dry needling therapy and other fitness services offered by the institution. Currently, they can be found at 10/539 Greenhill Rd, Hazelwood Park SA 5066, Australia, plus you may also reach them through phone on +61 8 8331 8673 for further inquiries.

To become a member at this facility, you must pay a fee of $10 per session, which gives you access to services such as pilates studio coaching, hydrotherapy programs, dry needling, manipulation, home exercise programs, massage therapy and mobilisation. The center also has ample facilities to cater for the disabled.

V) Wave Yoga

It’s a fitness gym that specialises in providing yoga classes for women, especially those who are expectant or in prenatal stage. The studio is found at Kensington Gardens, South Australia 5068 and they can be reached through phone on +61 431 909 878.

To become a member, you must pay an application charge of 100 dollars, which gives you 6 to 12 classes of training with a qualified Prana Vinyasa yoga instructor. Some of the facilities available include special Vinyasa mattresses, and a spacious outdoor setting where some of the yoga practices take place.

VI) 24fit Norwood

Based in 7/145 The Parade, Norwood SA 5067, Australia, 24fit Norwood is a comprehensive fitness facility dedicated to South Australians. The center always stays open 24/7 and members have unlimited pass to the various cardio & strength equipment available, such as dumbbells, treadmills, resistance bands, weightlifting benches and kettlebells.

The gym offers multiple payment options for visitors including; $11.44 per week for basic entry, $15.95 weekly with extra packages, or the annual pass of 595 dollars per year. To learn more about the gym, kindly reach them on +61 8 8332 2214. Visit:

To summarize, the top 3 most acclaimed gyms in the above list are EFM Health Clubs, Goodlife Health Club and Core respectively, since they focus on providing workout & wellness programs suited for specific niche groups in the society, such as expectant women and those recovering from injury.

Best Gyms in Port Adelaide

So, you’ve decided to join some local gym and iron out the kinks in your muscles? Gee, I’m excited for you; there’s so much that comes with gym membership: like joining some fitness program, getting to use state-of-the-art equipment and bonding with the local fitness community.

There’s always that invigorating ambiance, in a friendly gym that empowers one to “moxie up” work towards personal health goals. So how do you find the right gym?

How to choose a local gym in Port Adelaide

To begin with, gyms are only suitable for people who don’t like exercising alone at home or have got no fitness facilities at home or in offices. But if you enjoy those solo outdoor workouts, then a gym subscription would be a waste of money. The same goes for those who get contented with their trainers at home; don’t bother getting a gym membership.

Still willing to proceed with the subscription? Well, here how you find your perfect gym:

Know the reason why you want to join a gym so you can check out the gyms that have everything you require to reach your fitness goals. For example, if you love indoor cycling, then you can start by eliminating the gyms that lack cycling studios.

Describe your perfect gym listing all the “Must-Haves”. To avoid falling for those cool locker rooms and treadmills, which are nice to have but may not be suitable for the workouts you want to do, picture your ideal gym taking your daily workouts into consideration.

Check them out on social media to learn their programs, the kind of community they keep and the reviews they get.

Try them out. Most gyms have got some free trial days you can take advantage of to take them for a test drive and check out the equipment, cleanliness, culture and routines they employ.

Consider location. If you exercise during lunch hours, pick a gym near your office, while if you exercise in the mornings and evenings, pick a club near your house.

Consider gyms with a short-term subscription

Best Gyms in Port Adelaide

Anytime Fitness

The Anytime Fitness facility on 110-112 Commercial Road Port Adelaide, SA 5015, may very well be the hottest gym club to be spotted at during the evenings and weekends. It boasts of serving the largest fitness community in Australia 24/7 with the following offers:

Membership Price: The joining fee is $99 or a weekly cost of $15.95

Facilities: the club and its equipment are accessible to members 24/7 and include cardio equipment, dumbbells, bikes, weight machines, bathrooms, security monitoring and more

Services: They offer a free trial where you can try out their programs before making commitments. There’re expert personal trainers to help you through your workout routines. Opening hours are from 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm except on Friday when they don’t close for lunch

Contact Details: You can join them online by filling out some enquiry form or contact them using tel. no 0477 007 234

EFM Health Clubs

Not your regular gym but just a club, at Port Recreation Stadium 50 St Vincent St, SA, Port Adelaide, 5015, for people of all age, size and fitness to take classes on how to achieve personal fitness and health goals.

Membership Price: A joining fee of $99 and personalised training ranges from only $7-$15 per session.

Facilities and Programs: There’s an assortment of cardiovascular equipment and programs such as Boot Camps, and Eat Well Live Well that is tailored to give the best workout and diet regimen.

Services: Get to train with the impeccable Tracy Kennedy, who is specialised in almost everything from Cardio, Boxing, self-defence coaching. Tai Chi to massage therapy and rehabilitation

Contact Details: You can fill out your information on their website ( or contact them at 0403 087 493 or to inquire more about their services

Good Life Royal Park

Membership to this gym at 1202 Old Port Road, Royal Park, affords you 24/7 access to a 25m lap pool and the new Functional Training Zone where you can enjoy the services of personal trainers and therapists.

Membership Fee: A Joining fee of $99 and a weekly fee of $14.95. There’re other membership programs such as Active Plus, Active Home and Active Flexi you can take advantage off.

Services and Facilities: There’s an assortment of cardiovascular equipment, cycle studio, group exercises such as Yoga, Les Mills and Pilates. Massages and physiotherapy are also performed

Contact Details: Contact them using tel. no 08 8241 0444 or at their website

CrossFit Fallen

Located at 2nd street Port Adelaide and offers a 2-week free trial membership where you can take unlimited classes before committing to:

Membership Programs: The standard weekly program costs $40, the weekly emergency services & student costs $34 while the casual membership costs $20 a week.

Services and Facilities: Gym sessions are on every day of the week with excellent staff training guiding on sparring, Yoga and more. You can take your friend along for free every Saturday for extra fun.

Contact Details: CrossFit Fallen is a gym dedicated to honouring fallen service men and women. You can contact them via 61 433 600 222 or check their social media pages.

The fitness culture in Port Adelaide is growing; you can join the biggest fitness community at AnyTime Fitness, work out at EFM with Tracy Kennedy or enjoy some CrossFit at CrossFit Fallen.

8 Best Gyms in Brighton

Getting in shape should be everyone’s one of the top priorities. It not only makes you more attractive but also enhances cognitive function and reduces the risk of various health problems.

To start working out, it is recommended to join a gym, as getting in shape at home is more difficult.

That being said, how does one choose a gym?

What things should be looked at while doing so?

How to Choose a Gym

At first, you should check whether the gym offers facilities which you want. For example, if you only want to swim, joining a gym which only offers a weight room obviously would be a dumb idea. As a result, it is the first thing you should do when choosing a gym. Check whether your desires can be fulfilled by a certain gym.

Then, look at its location. Choosing a gym which is closest to your home is a big advantage because driving long distances from the gym gets tiring and exhausting real quick. To avoid that, keep in mind where the gym is located.

Finally, consider whether the monthly membership cost fits into your budget. You do not have to tear your wallet apart to join a gym, and if a certain option is too expensive, look for a cheaper one. Quality does not always come with the price, so do not worry about joining a gym with a smaller member fee.

Best Rated Gyms in Brighton

Now that you know the main things you should consider when joining a gym, it is time to review 8 gyms in Brighton area.

EFM Health Club Brighton

This EFM club is located in King George Avenue and is one of the most popular gym chains in Australia. Their popularity did not come out of thin air, as this club offers great personal trainers, which ensures your fitness progress. You can start training with a personalized trainer from $9 per week. Keep in mind that price differs from your workout plan and goals.

Address: 12-16 King George Avenue, Brighton SA

Number: 0412 253 313


Body Fit Training

This gym offers unique 50-minute classes, which combines a variety of different training methods in order to bring you closer to your physical potential. Each class is dynamic and different from the previous one. The 10-visit pass comes at $250.00, while 12-month membership with unlimited classes each week is $98.00

Address: Shop 5, 367-369 Brighton Road, Brighton

Phone: 0421 213 993


Plan B Fitness

One of the most unique fitness clubs in Brighton offers personalized training, group training, and even kayaking fitness program. If you are looking to get fit by working out in an unorthodox way, this fitness club is for you.

Address: Alfreda Street Brighton

Phone: 0408 100 589


The Boxing Room

This is a gym specialized for boxing classes, but here you will also find classes of pilates, H.I.IT, weights and even kettlebells. It makes this gym a great choice even for those who are not interested in boxing.

Address: 518 Brighton Rd Brighton

Phone: 0412 582 558

F45 Brighton

This fitness club offers a plethora of different and unique classes, such as VARSITY, Tokyo Disco, Triple Double, Moon Hopper, Hollywood, and ALL STARS. If you want to get fit by training in a group setting and each day having a different class, this club is right for you.

Address: 428 Brighton Rd, Brighton

Phone: 0422455917


Anytime Fitness

If you want to hit the gym late in the night or early in the morning, this place is perfect for you, as they work 24/7. Here you will find equipment for cardio, strength and skill training.

Address: 360 Brighton Road Hove Brighton

Phone: 08 8296 7233


KX Pilates Studio

KX offers high-intensity pilates sessions infused with cardio and strength training. Professional trainers with years of experience are leading these sessions and your results are guaranteed. 8 session monthly pass comes at $160, which is a great value for such a training opportunity.

Address: 426 Brighton Road, Brighton

Phone: (08) 8358 0679


Go Yoga

This place offers one of the best yoga classes in Brighton. Here you will find experienced yoga masters, bright environment and friendly people. Taking yoga classes here you will not only strengthen your body, but also the mind. A monthly pass of unlimited classes comes at $180.

Address: 35 Sturt Rd Brighton

Phone: 0448 219 419

Recommendation (TOP 3)

It is hard to separate the best gyms out of this list, as each of them offers great services. In spite of that, there are three best which I would recommend to you.

The first one is Body Fit Training because their unique training sessions are very intense and improves your body as a whole. In addition, they are never the same, thus you do not get bored.

Then, if I wanted to do pilates, I would choose KX Pilates, because of their experienced training staff. Finally, if you are looking for personalized training, EFM Club offers the greatest value for its price.

Best Gyms in Golden Grove

Review of the best Gyms in the Golden Grove area.

What to look for when joining a gym

Health experts recommend that people should exercise frequently in order to stay fit, one of the easiest ways to do this is by joining a gym near you.

Nevertheless, with so many facilities to choose from it’s important to do some background research on each center, so as to know whether it suits your workout needs. Below are some of the points to consider when comparing Gyms in Golden Grove:-

1) Flexible operating hours

If you’re usually busy during the day, then consider registering to a gym that stays open up to late hours of the night, so that you can have sufficient time to exercise after coming from work.

2) Quality & variety of training equipment available

A good gym should have various types of training appliances ready for use including; treadmills, weightlifts, exercise bikes, cross trainers and rowing machines among others. This allows you to work on different parts of the body for a full training experience. Moreover, these machines should be regularly maintained by the gym’s management for safety purposes.

3) Overall cleanliness

The place should be neat and dirt-free, so that individuals can feel refreshed when they come to use the facility. A dirty gym may also cause certain ailments such as flu which may dampen the users’ moods. Additionally, the gym should have shower facilities that one can use to clean up after exercising before heading home.

Top Gyms in Golden Grove

1) Anytime Fitness

This gym is located in 307 The Golden Way, Golden Grove SA 5125, AU. It provides 24/7 fitness services, meaning the facility doesn’t close both during the day and night plus is open even during the weekends. For membership, you must pay an initial fee of $49.99 and monthly rate of $38.99, or yearly fee of $407.99. The amount will give you access to state-of-the-art facilities such as stair-climbers, treadmills, free weights, synergy 360 systems and kettlebells Including other services such as free Wi-Fi, trainers, restrooms & showers.

Anytime Fitness can be reached through telephone on 08-8251-5938 or visit their site on

2) F45 Training

The facility promises members fitness and quality lifestyle through modern equipment, use of the latest scientific techniques for training and friendly staff. It’s based at 2/201 The Clock Tower, The Grove Way-Golden Grove SA 5125, Australia, where the joining fee is $60 to $65 a week. For this fee, you shall have access to dumbbells, jogging mills, exercise balls, and suspension training ropes among other equipment.

F45 Training also provides qualified trainers who can help you with interval, cardiovascular and strength-training exercises for burning fat. To learn more, you can contact them on +61 421 555 292, or check out their website on

3) EFM Health Club

EFM is found in 40-60 Surrey Farm Dr., Golden Grove SA 5125, AU and ranks among the most popular gyms in the country, visited daily by thousands of its members. To join the facility, you need to pay a monthly membership fee, which works out to around $35 per week.

Some of the facilities available include weight lifts, treadmills and yoga gear, including personal trainers who are ready to help you achieve your long-term fitness goals.

Find out more by visiting or calling them on 0416 283 115

4) Crossfit Fornix Adelaide

Crossfit Fornix is an all-inclusive gym that’s open to people of all ages and social backgrounds, they even have training facilities for teenagers. The center’s physical address is at 4/4 Aristotle Close Golden Grove, South Australia, Australia 5125, plus they can be reached through phone on 0401 331 899.

For registration, you will have to pay a membership fee of $160 per month which gives you unlimited access to training sessions. Facilities available include; bench-press lifts, stationary cycling bikes, arm bars, and power stretch ropes among others. For more details visit

5) Benefitness

Occupying a 2-storey building, Benefitness is a spacious gym that operates 24/7. Moreover, being a modern facility they offer online workout sessions and exercise videos, which can be used at any time you want. The gym is located at 341 Hancock Road, Fairview Park, and you can reach them through phone on 08 8251 3011.

As for membership, you can either pay $100 for a 10 Visit Pass, $15 for Casual Visit and $12 Members Guest fee. With this sum you’ll have access to the cycle studio, cardio room, bespoke gym program and Technogym among other facilities. To find out more about Benefitness visit their website on Step into Life

6) Step Into Life

This is a personal training gym based in Richardson Oval, The Golden Way, Golden Grove SA 5125, AU. They provide coaching for people of all age-groups & fitness levels within a safe and friendly environment. Training is mostly done outdoors since the facility has a huge field for running, jogging and performing one-on-one sessions with your trainer.

To join Step into Life, you need to pay a membership fee of $22 per week for 1 session, $34 for 2 weekly sessions or $42 per week for unlimited training sessions. For more inquiry, you can check their website on, or call +61 419 037 565

7) Luke’s Fitness Bootcamp

This is a family-oriented training facility which always stays open 24/7, they provide various types of workouts such as cardio, weight training, circuits and high intensity training among others. The center also offers outdoor hiking and swimming facilities for its members.

The bootcamp classes start at $10 for a single session pass, up to $159 for a 6 week pass. You can reach out to them by calling 0488 758 889, or visiting their physical address at 13 Edison Drive, Golden Grove South Australia. Also feel free to check their website on

To conclude, the top 3 most recommended gyms in the above list are EFM Health Clubs, Benefitness and F45 Training. They are affordable and provide personal-trainers who can make your workout sessions much fun and effective.

Best Gyms in the Glenelg Area

Joining a gym or a fitness program is one of the surest ways that you can keep your body healthy.

As you looking to take this health step, the biggest dilemma for you might be which gym or fitness program to enroll in.

If you are residing in Glenelg, there are numerous options available each tailored to cater for a specific combination of needs.

Before deciding where to enroll, you should consider if the gym or the fitness program has the equipment that you are looking for.

In addition to this, the hours and location of the fitness center or gym must be convenient for you. You don’t want to join a program that will interfere with your work, do you?

You should also consider the membership options provided by the gym or fitness center. In most cases, they offer massive discounts if you are looking to take a long-term membership.

On the other hand, long-term memberships may not be the most convenient offering for you, and you have to keep this in mind.

You should also get know if you can access personal trainers for any specialized assistance if need be and also their family offerings. Moreover, the hygiene is vital and should enroll in a clean gym or fitness center. These are the top local gyms in the Glenelg area.

The Gym Glenelg

This is a top-notch gym located in Bayside Village Shopping Centre, Brighton Road. The GymGlenelg operates 24 hours and offers free onsite parking for up to three hours.

The membership at this gym costs $18.95 week to week for the flexi package, $14.95 weekly for the 12-month package, and $745.00 for the 12-month upfront package. You are also entitled to a 5-day free trial period in line with their terms and conditions. This facility boasts of state-of-the-art massage services, personal training, and even cardio and strength equipment.

At the GymGlenelg, you will get to enjoy services like group fitness classes and nutritional advice. You can contact this top-notch gym on (08) 8377 6555 and also make a point of checking their website

Plus Fitness

Plus Fitness is located on 151 Brighton Road. This facility is open to members 24 hours with staff present from 10.00am to 7.00pm, except on Saturdays where they leave 2.00pm and on Sundays and public holidays it remains unstaffed.

This fitness center’s price starts at $13.95 a week, and the memberships have no lock-in contracts. Plus Fitness some of the industry-leading strength and cardio equipment.

Here you will get benefits like group classes, free fitness programs, and access to all Plus fitness gyms across New Zealand and Australia. You can contact Plus Fitness through their website

Anytime Fitness

This fitness center is located at 115 Jetty Road. Anytime Fitness is open 24 hours each day, 7 days a week. The basic monthly membership fee is $40, and there is an upfront $10 joining fee. This fitness center has an impressive collection of functional training equipment and also strength and cardio equipment. Anytime

Fitness also provides training and coaching services, among other benefits. You can reach this fitness center via 1800 917 476, or email –, or website

F45 Glenelg

F45 Glenelg gym is found on 4-6 Brighton Road, and its training sessions mostly run from 6.00 am till 6.00 pm.

It is open 24 hours daily. You have three membership options here including the $699 unlimited 8-week package, the $79 unlimited weekly package, and the $285 limited monthly package. You can also apply for a 2-week free trial and later get a $49 a week introductory package.

F45 Glenelg is fitted with all the strength and cardio equipment that you might need. The benefit of this gym is its focus on pro-level training. You can contact this gym on 0416 676 233 or through their website

EFM Health Club Glenelg

This health club is located on 97-99 Partridge Street and is open 24/7 with personal training provided upon booking. This gym offers month by month membership with prices generally around $140 per month.

The EFM gym has an assortment of strength and cardio equipment alongside personal training equipment. Personal training services is the main focus area for this gym. You can contact them on 0419 172 489, email –, or website

Zap Fitness

Zap Fitness is located on 8 Moseley Street and operates round the clock. Membership for this fitness center costs $14.95 a week on the flexi package and $12.95 on the results membership package.

This gym boasts of the latest equipment in cardio and strength training and also functional fitness.

Zap Fitness services are popular for their holistic approach to health and fitness. Reach this gym through 1300 927 348 email – or website

GoodLife Glenelg

GoodLife Health Club is located on 520 Anzac Highway and is open 24 hours a day. The membership to this gym starts at $17.99 a week. This health club has the latest cycling equipment, cardio and strength equipment, and also functional training equipment.

The services here include exercise therapy, free parking, and childminding.

You can contact GoodLife Glenelg on 08 8295 8488, or website

As a Glenelg resident looking for a gym, your best three options will be Plus Fitness, F45 Gym, or GoodLife Gym.

Plus Fitness is commendable for their affordable prices and all access, F45 Gym is notable for its pro-focused training, and Goodlife is remarkable for its family friendliness and affordability. May your healthy living journey be fruitful.

Best Gyms And Fitness Programs In Mawson Lakes

So you want to get fit, start working out, and quite possibly lose some weight. You will want to get a gym, or a fitness program and trainer that will give you your desired results.

A gym is not only a physical commitment, but a financial one too, which is why it is important to make sure that you are getting the best value for everything.

First of all, check out a couple of gyms within your area, which in this case, are gyms in Mawson Lakes. Get some free passes first and try get a feel of the facility itself. You can go at different times, so that you are able to test out all their equipment and facilities so as to see if they are up to your standard.

Make sure that the times you visit the gyms align with the times you will actually be working out, so that you can see whether the gym is crowded. Pay more attention to the facilities you plan to be using most while there.

Some other important factors to look at include location, since you do not want to be travelling long distances just to workout. Get a gym that is close to your home or workplace otherwise the commute will just constantly tire you out and have you making excuses.

Environment matters too. The atmosphere of the gym can greatly impact how much you actually achieve. Make sure that their pricing is fair too.

Look out for places with offers on membership and specials too. Negotiate the prices, you could get a pretty sweet deal for yourself out of it. Do enough research of the prices of other gyms around, and the kind of services they have to offer.

Do not just settle for the first one you walk into.


Plus Fitness is a gym located in Mawson Lakes. They charge $13.95 per week, and you are assured that there will be no extra fees to that. For those times when you can’t make it to the gym, they offer you free membership.

The gym is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and all the days of the year. There are absolutely no lock in contracts, so no worries about scamming.

They can be found on 18-20 Main Street, in Mawson Lakes SA 5095. Their email is Reach out to them on 08 8260 3000.


EFM Health club is located on 50 Mawson Lakes Blvd, SA 5095, Australia, and you can contact them via email on and their telephone number is 041290005. They are not open 24 / 7, and their opening hours vary for different days.

You can get a discount of up to 50% during certain seasons like Winter. They offer personalized training, month by month membership, plus flexible workouts too.


Anytime Fitness has a branch at Mawson Lakes on 98 Park Way Mawson Lakes, SA 5095. Contact them on 08 8262 5594. You can give them a test run for free at first.

For members, they are open 24/7, and their staffed hours are from 10 am to 7 pm Mondays to Friday, 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays. They provide professional trainers, lots of equipment for both cardio and floor training, and they have over 3,200 gyms across the world.


F45 Training is located on Level 2, 27 – 29 Metro Parade, MAWSON Lakes SA 5095. The great thing about them is that they offer not only physical workouts, but they suggest weekly meal plans for you too and healthy foods to indulge in too.


Tick Fitness focuses on everyone and everything, from women and children’s health, to wellness and mindfulness, injury prevention and rehabilitation group fitness, and personal training too.

The prices vary for the programs, ranging from between $30 – $80.

You can choose to pay in weekly or monthly installments too. Their address is Shop 1, 5-19 Goodall Parade, Mawson Lakes, South Australia 5095. Telephone +61 8 8260 2157. Email them at


Step Into Life is a Outdoor Personal Training program. They offer high intensity intervals training, cardiomax, toneup, boxkick, coreball, powerflex, achievit, endurit, and corporate sessions. They also give you amazing nutrition plans too.

Out of the six gyms and fitness programs we have looked at, the best would have to be plus fitness, step into life and tick fitness. This is because of the list of services they provide, inclusivity and uniqueness to.

Feel free to check out more gyms in Mawson Lakes and see which one fits you best.

Best Gyms in Holden Hill

Getting in shape is probably the most popular New Year’s resolution. Even though we are far from it now, joining a gym does not require you to do it in January, and you can as well do it now. The most important thing is your discipline and motivation.

After you have these two down, the last step is joining the gym. This article will present with general information what to look for when joining a gym, and review most of the gyms in Holden Hill.

First of all, when looking for a gym, you should check where it is at. If a gym is far away from your home, it is less likely that you will be looking forward to your workouts, as the tedious drive to and from it will waste your time and energy. Look for the gym that is nearby your home.

Another important thing to note is the cost of a membership. Do not tear apart your wallet for it, and find an option which fits into your budget. Finally, check if all your desired equipment and facilities are present in a gym. If you have all of these three things checked, you are guaranteed to find the right place to workout.

Now, let’s review the gyms in Holden Hill.

Best Holden Hill Gyms

CrossFit Down Under

This gym located in Jacobsen Crescent is specialized in CrossFit. They offer a plethora of different classes of CrossFit, from gymnastics and yoga to barbell and skill training. If you are a fan of CrossFit, this is one of the best options in Holden Hils, as highly experienced coaches will meet and surpass your expectations. Their memberships start at $40/week for unlimited classes and training in the gym.

Phone: 0488008610

Unit 5/30 Jacobsen Crescent

EFM Health Club

This club offers specialized personal training sessions each time you come in for a work-out. They work long hours, which is suited for both, morning and evening workouts. EFM Health Club offers great facilities with equipment suited for yoga, gymnastics, and weightlifting. Fill in your contact information on their website, and a personalized trainer will contact you with a 50% off discount for a specialized monthly membership.

Phone: 0403 680 112

Kildare College, 96 Valiant Road, Holden Hill

Limbo Gym

One of the best budget options from this list, as their membership, starts only from $14/week. In addition, they are open 24/7, which offers great flexibility in your schedule. Their gym is filled with a plethora of muscle building equipment. Besides all that, they offer not only personalized training but also online coaching.

Phone: 08 8261 4156

72 Lyons Rd, Holden Hill

Solid Impact Fitness

This gym located in Valiant Road is great for those who want something different, but still get fit and ripped. They offer “Fast Blast” classes, which is intense physical training for weight loss and muscle gain. It utilizes a wide range of exercises and equipment. From kettlebells to ropes. In addition, this gym hosts CoreFit classes for core strength, and Bash Boxing classes. For membership costs, contact them and talk about your fitness goals.

Phone: 0403 949 016

82 Valiant Road

Team Turner Boxing Gym

Team Turner is a specialized gym for boxing and offers everything you need to master the art of boxing. From high-quality equipment to expert trainers and coaches. If you are not a fan of boxing, in this gym you will find enough equipment to perform a full-body workout. Contact them with your workout plans and they will consult about the price and suggestions.

Phone: 0450155122

Unit 1 / 1042 Grand Junction Road,

Progressive BJJ

In recent years, Brazilian jiu-jitsu has reached the pinnacle of popularity among martial arts. This academy offers BJJ classes for beginners and experienced fighters. Their fees are $20 for a single class, $60 for four BJJ training classes per month, and $90 for unlimited MMA and BJJ classes per month.

Phone: 0422 634 015

3/21-23 Dundee Avenue

All of these mentioned gyms are among the best in the Holden Hills area, and each of them has its pros and cons. Without looking at the distance from your home and a gym, I would recommend Limbo Gym, Boxing Adelaide and Solid Impact Fitness. Limbo because they offer the best value for the price, and is open 24/7. Boxing Adelaide, because you can get fit while mastering a martial art, and finally Solid Impact Fitness, because here you will find dynamic workout sessions, which will never bore you.