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F45 Fitness Review: Prices, Locations and How It Works!

F45 Fitness stands for Functional 45-minutes and it is one of the fastest growing fitness networks in Australia. It has also made its way around the world, encouraging and inspiring fitness enthusiasts to take the up the challenge to stay fit and healthy. F45 fans around the world like to call it the pple of health and fitness industry’. In this F45 Fitness review, we will take a closer look at the program and find out what makes it such as hot fitness trend.

The founder Rob Deutsch conceived the idea to start a new fitness program when he discovered a huge gap in the commercial health and fitness market. People were turning to sub-standard gyms that gave them little results. There’s was lack of a motivation to attend the classes and in most cases, the money spent on membership was wasted. While hiring a personal trainer might help the population, it was unaffordable for most people.

F45 Fitness started in 2012 with the objective to bring about a revolution in the health and fitness scene in Australia. Deutsch gave the population what they had been longing for – clean studios, good equipment, plasma screens, and a passionate environment to push the workout limits!

According to Rob Deutsch, there has been no looking back since. They soon became one of the fastest growing franchises in the world beating popular brands like McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts and Subway.

Workouts at F45 Fitness

In the F45 Fitness review, we found that the workouts are mostly focused on everyday functional movements and this includes squats, lunges, pushups, walks, hinges, and rotations. There are about 31 unique and systemized programs at F45 and they are focused on both cardio and strength.

F45 brings together 3 different cutting-edge fitness training styles into one group training experience. The training combines the elements of Circuit Training, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and Functional Training. There are 31 different 45-minutes workout experience that keeps members motivated and challenged. Some of them are Hollywood: Circuit Flamingo: Athletica, 22: Paired Cardio, and T10: Resistance & Cardio Based.

According to Deutsch, they prefer not to have the big cumbersome equipment like elliptical machines or treadmills that cannot be moved easily. Instead, they use a wide range of unctional’ equipment such as battle ropes, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, and sleds. The setup cost for F45 studios are low due to the less number of equipment involved and this also helps them stay versatile.

F45 Membership Price

How to get a membership at F45 Fitness

Visit their website to find a studio close to you. They will have the contact information displayed so you can visit the studio and get enrolled in their membership program. The F45 members usually pay $65 a week and attend as many sessions as they want.

The membership fee may vary from location to location, and some clubs offer a good discount if you pay for several weeks upfront. Members can also pre-purchase a 10 pass that allows them to train at multiple locations.

F45 Fitness locations

In just over 5 years, F45 Fitness has rolled out more than 530 branches across Australia. In Adelaide, they have two locations – F45 Adelaide CBD East and F45 Adelaide CBD West.

Summary of F45 Fitness review

In our F45 Fitness review, we found that there are many things that make F45 such as sought after fitness program. They’re not the fourth fastest growing franchise in the world for nothing! New cardio workouts, flexible timings, hybrid workouts and movement patterns keep the members motivated to push their limits and take that extra step towards their fitness goal.

Another amazing benefit we found in our F45 Fitness review is that it offers a great way to socialize, make friends, and meet like-minded people in your community. F45 is almost like a personal trainer for you, just that you are not trainer alone but with a bunch of other fitness enthusiasts like you.

With new programs and more branches to be launched soon, we think F45 will change the fitness scene around the world. The membership fee may sound expensive but once you join, it’s worth every penny you pay for it.