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Top 5 Personal Trainers in Burnside Ranked

Personal Trainers in Burnside

As a fitness lover myself I can tell you there is no better way to change the way in which you approach fitness than a personal trainer. After going to the gym with a routine I found on youtube for months I finally decided it was time to hire a personal instructor.

Let me tell you, being monitored by a professional is a whole new fitness experience, from helping you set realistic goals to help you develop a routine that fits your body perfectly. Honestly, if you haven’t tried to exercise with a personal trainer you are missing out on whole new training experience.

The catch is, finding a trainer that fits your needs is not an easy task and, just so you don’t have to, I have researched the different Burnside personal trainers and ranked them. Here is the result:

1. EFM Gym Burnside

Address: 462 Greenhill Rd in Linden Park


The best thing about them is that you don’t need to book in advance and you receive brand new personalized programs every day. Their facilities have premier quality cardiovascular and resistance training equipment and their group personalised training programs offer exceptional value for money.

2. T2M

Address: 489 The Parade Rosslyn Park


The smaller gym with a great atmosphere is run by two personal trainers, Dianne and Irene. I’m afraid in order to know the exact price you’ll have to contact them yourself as they offer highly specialised routines.

3. Liang’s Fitness

Address: Uren St Magill, 5072


Liang is a highly experienced taekwondo and general fitness trainer who offers private sessions so you can work out with absolute privacy.

4. Life Personal Trainers


They offer a great variety of personalised programs before, during and after business hours. You don’t need to pay a joining fee or membership, you just pay per session around $97 an hour, less if you purchase sessions in pre-paid blocks.

5. Daredevil Fitness


They have a 12-week transformation program for $50/week were they include on top of the proper sessions, meal plans and supplements. They have a great variety of programs so I’m sure you can find one the fits your requirements.

Best Personal Trainer in Burnside

So, there you go, now if you live in the Burnside area you don’t really have an excuse to not join a personalized program. My personal top pick is EFM Health Club Burnside as they offer the best value for money. Liang’s Fitness is a good option for something different with his taekwondo workouts. However, this is just my preference. The options are endless, you just have to find the trainer that suits you the most!

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Review of the 6 Best Gyms in Burnside

How To Join A Gym In Burnside

If you want to stay in shape, the easiest way to achieve this goal is registering to a gym near you. However, with various options to choose from, there are certain factors you must consider before settling on any particular center. They include:-

a) Proximity. Your preferred gym should be within a short distance from where you live, this way it would be possible to visit it at any time even during night hours without feeling insecure.

b) Affordability. Always check the membership packages of different gyms, so as to find out those you can pay comfortably without struggling. Most centers have daily, weekly and monthly registration plans which cater to the needs of different types of clients.

c) Professional trainers. The gym should have certified instructors who can help you achieve your workout goals, through well-structured programs that address your specific needs. The trainers also need to be friendly and approachable, by allowing you to consult with them at any time in case you need further clarification on issues relating to your exercise routine.

d) Sanitation. The gym should be cleaned and dusted regularly to remove dirt/dust, which may otherwise make visitors to become sick. Also, ensure it has sufficient washrooms for refreshment after workout sessions.

Gyms in Burnside

1. Zap Fitness


This is a 24/7 training facility that provides members access to top-of-the-range equipment for cardio, fitness and strength exercises. Some of the facilities they have include; treadmills, climbers, upright & recumbent cycles as well as rowers.

The gym has various registration packages including, $12.95 and $14.95 per week membership options, as well as $29 for two sessions with your own trainer and workout schedule.

2. EFM Health Club Burnside

Address: 462 Greenhill Rd, Linden Park SA 5065, Australia

Contact Number: 0417 867 750



EFM is a reputable gym that boasts some of the best facilities in the industry. Upon registration, members have access to weightlifting, running mills, stationary bikes and suspension trainers among other workout items. The membership cost works out to around is between $7 to $12 per training session, though there are also monthly membership options available.

3. Goodlife Health Clubs

Address: 539 Greenhill Rd Hazelwood Park, SA 5066

Contact Number: 8333 6700


It’s a family-friendly gym that provides visitors facilities for strength training and toning of muscles and has a childcare center where your kids can safely be looked at while you continue training. Additionally, the venue provides quality exercise therapy for those who are injured or have an underlying health problem.

Some of the facilities available include; cycle studio, cardio equipment, changing rooms, group fitness, and free parking. For membership, you need to pay an admission fee of $99, including a quarterly training charge of $9.95.

4. Core Physio & Pilates

Address: 10/539 Greenhill Rd, Hazelwood Park SA 5066, Australia

Contact Number: 8331 8673

This gym is dedicated to physiotherapy and Pilates exercises, whereby visitors have access to practical physio exercises, dry needling therapy and other fitness services offered by the institution.

To become a member at this facility, you must pay a fee of $10 per session, which gives you access to services such as pilates studio coaching, hydrotherapy programs, dry needling, manipulation, home exercise programs, massage therapy, and mobilization. The center also has ample facilities to cater for the disabled.

5. Wave Yoga

Address: Kensington Gardens, South Australia 5068

Contact Number: 0431 909 878

It’s a fitness gym that specializes in providing yoga classes for women, especially those who are expectant or in the prenatal stage. To become a member, you must pay an application charge of 100 dollars, which gives you 6 to 12 classes of training with a qualified Prana Vinyasa yoga instructor. Some of the facilities available include special Vinyasa mattresses and a spacious outdoor setting where some of the yoga practices take place.

6. 24fit Norwood

Address: 7/145 The Parade, Norwood SA 5067, Australia

Contact Number: 8332 2214


The 24fit Norwood is a comprehensive fitness facility dedicated to South Australians. The center always stays open 24/7 and members have an unlimited pass to the various cardio & strength equipment available, such as dumbbells, treadmills, resistance bands, weightlifting benches, and kettlebells. The gym offers multiple payment options for visitors including; $11.44 per week for basic entry, $15.95 weekly with extra packages, or the annual pass of 595 dollars per year.

Best Gyms in Burnside

To summarize, the top 3  gyms in the above list are EFM Health Clubs Burnside, Goodlife Health Club, and Core respectively, since they focus on providing workout and wellness programs suited for specific niche groups in the society, such as expectant women and those recovering from injury.

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