Blackwood Fitness Review: Prices, Facility & Location Guide

Blackwood Fitness Reviews

Blackwood Fitness Review

Overview of their Services

Blackwood Fitness is an Adelaide-based fitness centre that offers affordable physical fitness services. Their services are available around the clock making it a plus for you if you’ve got a tight schedule. Their physical fitness classes are comprehensive and cover everything right from simple yoga to advanced body combat.

If you are already a member, you can enjoy group fitness classes for FREE. Among the classes they offer include Aqua Cardio, Aero sculpt and Body Step, Pilates, Body Attack, Body Pumps and Mini Body and Balance and much more.

They provide over 120 physical fitness classes every week. Other services offered in this fitness club include personal training, coffee bar, child care, group exercises and much more.

There is also free swimming lessons for the first-timers. What makes Blackwood Fitness stand tall is that their services are flexible and you can choose a schedule that fits your timetable.

Blackwood Fitness Membership Price

Joining Process and Prices

Blackwood offers affordable membership packages to anyone willing to join. They have flexible weekly direct payments and no-obligation monthly options for six and twelve months. They neither charge joining nor do cancellation fees and members enjoy unlimited access to the gym. In fact, with a $4, you can get a weekly class.

With $5, you can enroll as a member without paying any signup fee. For a full year, they’ll charge you $149.


Blackwood Fitness is a 5,500 square foot club located in 210 Main Road, Adelaide. It was established in 1980. Members can use their gym passes at their convenient times. Besides, they offer up to 90% discount on their prices.

Blackwood Fitness Facilities and Equipment

Blackwood Fitness prides with the latest and best gym equipment and facilities. They have the latest Cardiovascular Equipment, Nautilus Equipment, Free Weights and several refurbished female and male changing rooms.

Thousands of physical fitness enthusiasts have utilised the facilities to realise their fitness needs. There’s also a beauty and hair salon for women. They also have cafes and swimming pools and you can enjoy access to all their facilities.

Apart from physical training exercises, they also offer healthy desserts and snacks for members. If you want to eat healthy while training, there is a FREE E-book to guide you. You can get the e-book by joining and signing up for their newsletter.

Each program is personalised and there are seven different personal trainers on-site to guide you to achieve your physical fitness goals and lifestyle. New members can get time to discuss with a personal trainer concerning their needs and how they can achieve their fitness goals.

Additionally, the staff is knowledgeable and are always dedicated to helping you achieve their health and fitness goals. Regardless of your fitness level, you’ll meet a personal trainer that will guide you to collaborate and help you achieve your unique goals.

How To Join Blackwood Fitness

Blackwood Fitness is much more than just a gym. It’s an all-inclusive fitness centre that will take your individual physical fitness to the next level. If you are looking for an affordable physical fitness centre that gives you the full value for your money, then Blackwood Fitness is the appropriate option.

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