7 Best Gyms in Golden Grove

Review of the best Gyms in the Golden Grove area.

How To Join A Gym In Golden Grove

What to look for when joining a gym

Health experts recommend that people should exercise frequently in order to stay fit, one of the easiest ways to do this is by joining a gym near you.

Nevertheless, with so many facilities to choose from it’s important to do some background research on each center, so as to know whether it suits your workout needs. Below are some of the points to consider when comparing Gyms in Golden Grove:-

1) Flexible operating hours

If you’re usually busy during the day, then consider registering to a gym that stays open up to late hours of the night, so that you can have sufficient time to exercise after coming from work.

2) Quality & variety of training equipment available

A good gym should have various types of training appliances ready for use including; treadmills, weightlifting, exercise bikes, cross trainers and rowing machines among others. This allows you to work on different parts of the body for a full training experience. Moreover, these machines should be regularly maintained by the gym’s management for safety purposes.

3) Overall cleanliness

The place should be neat and dirt-free so that individuals can feel refreshed when they come to use the facility. A dirty gym may also cause certain ailments such as flu which may dampen the users’ moods. Additionally, the gym should have shower facilities that one can use to clean up after exercising before heading home.

Top Gyms in Golden Grove

1) Anytime Fitness

Address: 307 The Golden Way, Golden Grove SA 5125, AU

Contact Number: 08-8251-593

Website: https://www.anytimefitness.com.au/gyms/au-1159/golden-grove-sa-5125/

This gym provides 24/7 fitness services, meaning the facility doesn’t close both during the day and night plus is open even during the weekends. For membership, you must pay an initial fee of $49.99 and a monthly rate of $38.99, or a yearly fee of $407.99. The amount will give you access to state-of-the-art facilities such as stair-climbers, treadmills, free weights, synergy 360 systems, and kettlebells Including other services such as free Wi-Fi, trainers, restrooms & showers.

2) F45 Training

Address: 2/201 The Clock Tower, The Grove Way-Golden Grove SA 5125, Australia

Contact Number: +61 421 555 292

Website: https://f45training.com.au/goldengrove/

The facility promises members fitness and quality lifestyle through modern equipment, use of the latest scientific techniques for training and friendly staff. The joining fee is $60 to $65 a week. For this fee, you shall have access to dumbbells, jogging mills, exercise balls, and suspension training ropes among other equipment. F45 Training also provides qualified trainers who can help you with interval, cardiovascular and strength-training exercises for burning fat.

3) EFM Health Club

Address: 40-60 Surrey Farm Dr., Golden Grove SA 5125, AU

Contact Number: 0416 283 115

Website: https://efm.net.au/club/golden-grove/

EFM is ranked among the most popular gyms in the country, visited daily by thousands of its members. To join the facility, you need to pay a monthly membership fee, which works out to around $35 per week.

Some of the facilities available include weight lifts, treadmills and yoga gear, including personal trainers who are ready to help you achieve your long-term fitness goals.

4) Crossfit Fornix Adelaide

Address: 4/4 Aristotle Close Golden Grove, South Australia, Australia 5125

Contact Number: 0401 331 899

Website: https://crossfitfornix.com.au/

Crossfit Fornix is an all-inclusive gym that’s open to people of all ages and social backgrounds, they even have training facilities for teenagers. For registration, you will have to pay a membership fee of $160 per month which gives you unlimited access to training sessions. Facilities available include; bench-press lifts, stationary cycling bikes, armbars, and power stretch ropes among others.

5) Benefitness

Address: 341 Hancock Road, Fairview Park

Contact Number: 08 8251 3011

Website: https://benefitness.com.au/

Occupying a 2-storey building, Benefitness is a spacious gym that operates 24/7. Moreover, being a modern facility they offer online workout sessions and exercise videos, which can be used at any time you want.

As for membership, you can either pay $100 for a 10 Visit Pass, $15 for Casual Visit and $12 Members Guest fee. With this sum, you’ll have access to the cycle studio, cardio room, bespoke gym program and Technogym among other facilities.

6) Step Into Life

Address: Richardson Oval, The Golden Way, Golden Grove SA 5125, AU

Contact Number: +61 419 037 565

Website: http://www.stepintolife.com.au/locations/australia/SA/golden-grove

This is a personal training gym provides coaching for people of all age groups & fitness levels within a safe and friendly environment. Training is mostly done outdoors since the facility has a huge field for running, jogging and performing one-on-one sessions with your trainer. To join Step into Life, you need to pay a membership fee of $22 per week for 1 session, $34 for 2 weekly sessions or $42 per week for unlimited training sessions.

7) Luke’s Fitness Bootcamp

Address: 13 Edison Drive, Golden Grove South Australia

Contact Number: 0488 758 889

Website: http://lukesfitnessbootcamp.com.au/

This is a family-oriented training facility which always stays open 24/7, they provide various types of workouts such as cardio, weight training, circuits, and high-intensity training among others. The center also offers outdoor hiking and swimming facilities for its members. The Bootcamp classes start at $10 for a single session pass, up to $159 for a 6 week pass.

7 Best Gyms in Golden Grove

To conclude, the top 3 most recommended gyms in the above list are EFM Health Clubs, Benefitness and F45 Training. They are affordable and provide personal-trainers who can make your workout sessions much fun and effective.

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