The 8 Best Adelaide CBD Gyms

How To Join A Gym IN Adelaide CBD

Gyms provide the best environment for individuals to reach their fitness goals within a controlled environment, whether it’s cutting down weight, toning muscles or simply improving mobility.

Nevertheless, with so many Gyms in Adelaide CBD that you can sign up to, it’s highly recommended to do some background research before settling on any particular facility. Below are some of the key points to take note of:-

Facilities available

While most gyms cater to a general population and thus have regular equipment, some only focus on a particular group of people such as women, and therefore have tailor-made gear that can help them achieve their workout goals much faster. It’s strongly advised to find a gym that specifically caters to your needs, so as to get the most out of your training.

Membership cost

Always compare the prices offered by different facilities, so as to choose the one you can afford. Some gyms may be exaggeratedly expensive, while you can find more or less the same facilities found there in another cheaper studio.

Opening times

Ensure that the opening and closing hours are favorable to your lifestyle, so that you can have sufficient time to train without worrying about the center being closed halfway in your exercise.

Best Gyms in Adelaide CBD

EFM Health Clubs

Address: 34 Angas St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Contact Number: +61 419 036 730


EFM is an all-round gym that combines aspects of a traditional gym and personal coaching. The training programs are tailored to suit your personal goals as a member.

For visitors, the gym is open on weekdays from 6 am up to 7.30pm. Some of the facilities available include stability balls, dumbbells, jogging machines, and weightlifting.

To join EFM Health Club, you must pay a monthly membership fee of $155, including a joining fee of $99.

Goodlife Health Club

Address: 81 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Contact Numer: +61 8 7420 2200


Goodlife Health Club is dedicated towards making every member feel part of the gym, the club not only provides some of the best facilities such as punching bags, arms ropes, swimming pools, changing rooms and childcare zones which are available 24/7, but also trainers who can help you reach your goals much faster. To sign up, you need to pay only $17.99 per week.

Snap Fitness

Address: 100 Pirie Street Adelaide SA 5000

Contact Number: 0488 807 627


Snap Fitness is a 24/7 gym that provides facilities for cardio, strength training and functional training. Their workout programs are modified for high-intensity so as to produce the greatest benefits. Some of the exercise gear they have on offer include; stationary bikes, pullup benches, weights, and elliptical trainers among others. For those who want to register, the signup fee is $44.95 per month for an individual.

Fernwood Fitness Adelaide City

Address: 7/127 Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Contact Number: +61 8 8227 1011


Fernwood is one of the few exercise-studios in Adelaide CBD that’s exclusively dedicated to women and is also managed by women. They provide various services such as personal training, childcare, diet consultation, and group workout programs, plus members also have unlimited access to modern training equipment such as treadmill, smith machine, pullup assist, and water rowers. To register, you must pay a membership fee of $22 per week, as well as an initial joining charge of $199.

F45 Training

Address: 173 Grote St, Adelaide, SA, 5000, Australia

Contact Number: 044 8200668


The gym operates as a fitness community providing members with groundbreaking, high-impact group workout programs which are fast-paced, exciting and with proven results.

To join F45 Training, you must pay a membership fee of between $60 and $65 weekly, which gives you access to some of the top facilities such as rowing machines, treadmill, smith machines, and exercise benches.

Your World Fitness

Address: 27-29 Young Street Adelaide SA 5000

Contact Number: 08 8211 6570



It’s a 5 star rated all-inclusive gym that features various luxury facilities such as, basement training centers, free weight & cardio quarters, steam rooms, sauna, and ice bath among others. To join, you can either pay the single-pass fee of $7.50 or the yearly subscription rate of $499.

Revolution Health Club

Address: 3/75a Angas St, Adelaide, 5000

Contact Number: 0402 372 687


Revolution is a premier health & fitness center within the CBD. Dubbed as the People’s Gym, they provide both personal training, group fitness and corporate workout programs to cater to everyone. Some of the training-gear available include; elliptical trainers, bench weights, exercise mats, and boxing pads.

To join this gym, you must pay a subscription of $48.80 per month, or opt for the weekly packages of $26.60 for individuals and $70 for groups.

Fitness 33

Address: 57 Byron Place Adelaide SA 5000

Contact Number: 08 8231 0203



Fitness 33 is a comprehensive gym that provides members top of the range facilities such as boxing gear, skipping ropes and yoga amenities just to mention a few. For registration, you need to pay a 1-week trial pass of $20 followed by the regular weekly subscription afterward.

8 Best Adelaide CBD Gyms

To summarize, the top-rated gyms in the above list are Your World Fitness, Goodlife Health Club and Revolution Health Club. They provide members exclusive facilities not commonly found in other centers such as; saunas, boxing equipment, and childcare services.

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