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5 Best Gyms in Mitcham and Torrens Park

How To Join A Gym in Mitcham and Torren Park

As the Mitcham and Torren Park covers a huge area, sometimes it hard to find the best gym in the area. We will be reviewing the top gyms in Mitcham and Torren Park area. We will be including the gym’s basic information, equipment, prices, services, and contact details.

EFM Health Club

Address: Main office is located at 39 Oxford Terrace, Unley SA 5061

Contact Number: 1300 336 348

Email: info@efm.net.au

Website: https://efm.net.au/

EFM offers a variety of fitness programs and classes. The EFM Torrens Park also provides personal fitness training, at only a fraction of the price of a personal trainer. EFM provides community health and fitness facilities and programs with over 65 locations in Australia. Another advantage of EFM is that they offer different kinds of memberships at different price points so you can pick the one that is worth the value for yourself and your lifestyle. Another advantage is that you can also try out for a free trial before buying any of the memberships.

First Taekwondo

Address: located in the Mitcham Community Centre at 242 Belair Rd, Lower Mitcham SA 5062

Contact Number: 0411 831 650

Email: john.obrien@firsttaekwondo.com.au

Website: https://www.firsttaekwondo.com.au/training-centres/mitcham/

First Taekwondo is a martial arts class. This is the place to learn martial arts which are taught by professional instructors.

Goodlife Health Club

Address: 11 Princess Road in Kingswood

Contact number: 08 8272 2266

Website: https://www.goodlifehealthclubs.com.au/clubs/mitcham/

The Goodlife Health Club is a great club to join as it offers a great variety of programs and challenges. They are open 24/7 and have personal trainers. There is cardio equipment, changing rooms and exercise therapy. They offer memberships and a Free 5-day pass.

Orange Theory Fitness

Address: Located at 202 Belair Rd. near Hawthorn

Website: https://www.orangetheoryfitness.com.au/studio/hawthorn

Orange Theory Fitness offers science-based fitness. The fitness centers have heart monitors so you can stay in the target zone and really get the perfect workout. They offer two types of memberships or you can try them out for free. They have many locations so it’s convenient.

Zap Fitness

Address: 212 Belair Rd. Hawthorn SA 5062, Australia

Contact Number: 1300 927 348

Website: https://zapfitness.com.au/

Zap Fitness is a great place to workout. They offer many equipment and support. Members also have 24/7 access to the clubs for 365 days of the year. They offer memberships from $9.95 to $14.95 per week. Before paying for a membership you can also try out for a free trial.

How To Join A Gym in Mitcham and Torren Park

Of all the gyms in Mitcham, Zap Fitness, The Goodlife Health Club and Orange Theory Fitness are the best as they offer free trials before you pay for a membership. A lot of them also offer 24/7 access so you can come in at any time. The majority of the gyms also offer personal trainers and special equipment. Before purchasing a membership, research on your owns to find the one that fits your style the most.

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5 Best Gyms In Flinders Park & Findon

How To Join A Gym In Flinders Park and Findon

Gym Membership Options around Flinders Park and Findon

If you want to lose weight, eating well and physical exercise is important. Aiming for the six-pack or bikini body requires dedication, nutrition and loads of training. Joining a gym can be tricky, there are so many out there that offers different things. First of all, let’s see your options around Flinders Park and Findon.

Anytime Fitness

Address: Located at Grange Road

Contact Number: 0883450986

Website: https://www.anytimefitness.com.au/

Anytime Fitness is a 24/7 gym that allows you to work out anytime you want. The gym is equipped with strength training and weight lifting essentials, and cardio equipment. Members can use any gym, anywhere in the world, at any time. This is great for travelers who want to keep training while going on work functions. The fees vary as clubs are individually operated.

Efm Health Club

Address: Nazareth Catholic College at Flinders Park

Contact Number: 0884065479

Email: flinderspark@efm.net.au

Another Location

Address: Located at Ashwin Parade, Torrensville

Contact Number: 0437742021

Email: torrensville@efm.net.au

Efm Health Clubs offer personalized training for everyone. Efm offers personalized coaching, boot camps and group training for those who enjoy a social level fitness. Gym fees are around $155 per month, depending on what you signed up for.


Address: Located at Grange Road, Kidman Park

Contact Number: 0475022345

Email: kidmanpark@f45training.com.au

It is one for people who love social settings. The set up is unlike other gyms, as F45 rotates equipment to suit a training session. You hop from one station to another, and there will be a training coach who monitors your exercise.

New Life Fitness Centre

Address: located at Grange Road, Beverly

Contact Number: 0883463633

New Life Fitness Centre offers a lot for $11.95 per week fee. It boasts free creche for parents with kids, a female-only studio for the self- conscious. Other perks include a sauna and a cardio theatre. It is also a 24/7 gym, but you can be a casual member during staffed hours.

Zap Fitness

Address: Located at Grange Road, Kidman Park

Contact Number: 1300927348

Website: https://zapfitness.com.au

A direct competitor to Anytime Fitness, Zap Fitness is similar to Anytime Fitness in terms of gym equipment and operating rules. You can also workout at any time you want.

How To Join A Gym In Flinders Park and Findon

If you like variety and structure, F45 or Efm Health Clubs are the way to go. For travelers, Anytime Fitness offers the opportunity to work out away from home better. You have to put into considering the amount of assistance you might need, as well as how the community motivates you in the gym. Otherwise, any gym on the list will suit your needs.

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Top 3 Gyms In The Glen Osmond Area

How To Join A Gym In Glen Osmond

Trying to find a gym that’s just right for you can be a daunting task. Seeing which has the best facilities, the best price point, and the prime location can overwhelm just about anybody. So if you’re trying to figure out which gym is best for you, and you live around the Glen Osmond area, we already did the work for you. We looked at four of the gyms in the area and compared how they stack up. The metrics used were first of all price, then location, facilities, range of equipment, and finally their programs and services. Here’s how they performed.

Reality Self Defense and Conditioning:

Looking at the price, currently, they are offering three interesting courses. One in Russian kettle ball training, another in Krav Maga, and the last being a women’s self-defense workshop. Each offered for 99$ for 8 sessions over 4 weeks. They appear to be less of an equipment focused gym, and more of an activity-based one, which can be great if that’s what you’re looking for. Its location is also great, the Glen Osmund Scout Hall.

Gym Urrbrae

Address: Urrbrae Agricultural High School near the Waite Arboretum

Membership Fee: This gym is part of EFM Health clubs. Their price range appears to be in a month by month membership plan that can range between 9$ and 33$, but their prices aren’t listed. They have over 100,000$ worth of equipment, which is great for those who prefer working at their own pace. They also offer personal training, with free form drop-in classes.

 Beautiful Fit:

Address: Located in Highgate

Membership Fee: With a price of 40$ per week, Beautiful Fit offers daily classes, personal training, and numerous programs. Located in Highgate, it appears to be the furthest on our list from Glen Osmond. They have some traditional gym equipment but appear to be more focused on classes and training.

Zap Fitness:

Address: locations across Australia

Membership Fee: Last but not least on our list is Zap fitness. Starting at 10$ a week, there are many options with different levels of training and one-on-one access. You also get 24/7 entry to any of their locations across Australia. The Zap fitness is the closest on our list to the Glen Osmond area.

How To Join A Gym In Glen Osmond

 Our Personal Top Three:

1. Gym Urrbrae: With a good location and mix of services for a decent price, this is our number one pick.

2. Zap Fitness: A classic gym experience for a reasonable price, plus Australia wide access makes this our number 2 pick.

3. Beautiful Fit: With a more individual focussed approach and a lot of programs and some equipment this slots in at number 3.

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4 Best Gyms Near Payneham Guide

How To Join A Gym In Payneham

12 Stars Boxing Club

Address: 78 Portrush Road, Payneham South 5070

Contact Number: +61 420 200 574

Website: http://12stars.com.au/

The club provides a wide selection of modern equipment aimed to help you develop your combat skills, as well as fitness, cardio, endurance, and functional performance. The club offers individual training programs, tailored by qualified Olympic trainers with a strong focus on your needs and capabilities. There are both adult and children classes teaching self-defense and other workout skills. The membership fee equals $84.


Address: 26 Rosella St, Payneham SA 5070

Contact Number: 0466 425 517

Website: https://efm.net.au/club/payneham/

The gym has access to a wide variety of equipment, including multifunctional racks, spin bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, cross-trainers and more. As a member, you can take part in different group classes. Also, you can receive personalized training guidance from highly qualified and committed trainers. The gym provides the following amenities: private showers, change rooms, air conditioning, and free parking. The membership will cost you $155.

GoodLife health club

Address: 7 Portrush Port

Contact Number: 08 7824 0400

Website: https://www.goodlifehealthclubs.com.au/clubs/payneham

The club is fitted with a range of complex stations as well as traditional workout equipment as: dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, battle ropes, and others. As a member, you enjoy the following services for your convenience: change rooms, childminding, air conditioning, TV’s, free parking, and around the clock access. The membership fee is $15 per week, plus a joining fee of $99.

24 Fit

Address: 161 Glynburn Road, SA 5070

Contact Number: 08 8431 8285

Website: https://24fit.com.au/sa/

The fitness center boasts a friendly atmosphere created by the supportive staff that is always ready to guide you through the achievement of your fitness goals. The equipment is also high-end and easy to handle, allowing you to meet your goals in cardio, functional, tone, and strength sections. The club provides such facilities as: private showers, restrooms, air conditioning, and large TV’s. To become a member you have to pay a monthly fee of $35.

How To Join A Gym In Payneham

All in all, if there would be a top of the best 4 gyms near Payneham, the following ones would definitely make it: EFM, 24 Fit, and 12 Stars Boxing. All three boast qualified trainers that provide you with meaningful personal workout programs. Also, the gyms offer a range of facilities that make your training convenient and enjoyable, as well as affordable prices and free nutrition guidance.

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Curves Gym Review: Price, Location & Facilities

How To Join A Curves Gym

About the Curves

Curves are without a doubt one of the most reputable fitnesses on a global scale, including Australia. It was founded in 1992 by Gary and Diane Heavin from Texas, USA. They introduced a new concept of 30-minute fitness circuits.

It is most suitable for women of all shapes and sizes as one of their main goals is to create a judgment-free environment, where they feel safe and supported.

Accounting for the fact that there are over 4,000 global Curves franchise locations, they must be doing something right.

Let’s dig into our Curves Gym Review.

What to Expect on Your First Visit?

They offer an initial no-obligation visit, during which a new customer gets to meet with one of their professionally trained coaches, who explains them all about their facility and latest circuits. Newcomers even get to try a few strength training machines. Furthermore, they help you create a fitness plan according to your wishes.

Easiest Way to Become a Member

Website: https://curves.com.au/get-started/free-appointment

You simply visit their website and enter your personal information, and chose one of their 50 LOCATIONS mainly focused in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney area and smaller surrounding cities. 

Membership Fee: They claim their prices are starting at as low as $3.25 per workout. The total cost of their gym is set at $12.95, but you should be aware that this is charged weekly, and adds up to somewhere between $45 – $50 per month.

Their enrollment fee is set at approximately $75 but can be obtained at a 50% discount at certain location and conditions.

There is a hidden fee of $50 if you decide to cancel your contract early. Make sure you read it well before signing it.

Free Trial: They do offer a free 7-day pass which you can get here https://curves.com.au/7-day-free-trial

Curves Locations in Melbourne

Address: There are 10 Curves locations in the Melbourne area of about 35 km radius, of which the one closest to the city center is at 145 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne.

Website: https://curves.com.au/clubs-melbourne

Curves Facilities and Type of Equipment Provided

Curves facilities are clean and well maintained, there is no doubt about that. However, you should know, there are no pools, saunas, nor any other spa facilities at Curves. They focus on circuit exercises for curved women and want to make them feel comfortable while exercising. As such there are also no mirrors in Curves gyms.

The equipment available at Curves slightly varies from location to location. Normally they do not offer free weights, ellipticals, or treadmills. Their equipment is intended for circuit workout and set accordingly.

Curves is definitely not for everyone. However, they know their public and focus to meet their needs.

Other Services

Curves offers very impressive support to their members on their path to get fit, gain strength, and stay healthy. They are focused on the female population and are determined to help as many women as possible to achieve their fitness goals and essentially help them transform their lives.

When it comes to trainers, Curves offers two complete programs, which both include a certified personal trainer and an exact workout plan.

They also offer one-on-one consultancy, high-quality customized meal plans, and weight loss solutions.

Of course, you should be aware that all personalized programs and meal plans come with the additional cost.

How To Join A Curves Gym

Curves is most appropriate for women that are beginners or returning to fitness after a long break since one of their main goals is to make women of all sizes and shapes feel comfortable when exercising. They have a lot of satisfied clients all across the globe, as such, they must be doing something right.

If you are a woman looking to start her way towards a healthier life and would like to exercise in a supporting community, Curves might be a great option for you.

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5 Best Gyms Near Edwardstown

Crossfit Tenacity

Address: 14 Deloraine Rd, Adelaide SA 5039, Australia

Contact Number: 0412 755 647

Email: matt@crossfittenacity.com.au

Website: http://www.crossfittenacity.com.au/

Crossfit Tenacity has $75 for $100 deal at Crossfit Tenacity. CrossfitTenacity has a variety of CrossFit and weightlifting equipment. Crossfit Tenacity offers access to better fitness and physical ability through their workout facility.

X-ROAD Fitness

Address: 375 Cross Rd, Edwardstown SA

Contact Number: 8371 2600


Website: https://www.xroadfitness.com.au/Anytime Fitness

The membership pricing of X-ROAD Fitness for 6 months is $300, 3 months $200, 1 month $80, casual gym or class MON-THU is $10, casual gym or class FRI-SAT is $5, the aerobic class is $10, and the 10 visit pass is $90. There is no joining fee. X-ROAD Fitness is a well-equipped gym with qualifies fitness instructors you can take classes with, modern calorie-burning machines, and a large weight area. X-ROAD Fitness offers Hi-Lo, Step, Toning, TTB, X-Trainer, Yoga, and Circuit.

Anytime Fitness Black Forrest

Address: Shop 2-3, 715-727 South Road the Black Forrest, SA 5035

Contact Number: 1800 917 476

Email: anytimecs@debitsuccess.com

Website: http://https//www.anytimefitness.com.au/gyms/au-1492/black-forest-sa-5035/

Membership fees of Anytime fitness are $7.50 for the Billers Admiration Fee, $2.50 (Maximum) for the Freeze Fee (per week), and $30 (Maximum) for the Guest Fee. There is gym amenities, cardio equipment, strength/ free weights, functional training, and training and coaching courses. Anytime Fitness offers the AF challenge, Healthy Eating Assistance, Information on Lastest Fitness Trends, and the access to physical exercise assistance to build your body.

F45 St Marys

Address: Shop 3 1133-1135 South Road St Marys SA 5042

Contact Number: 0455 45 45 49

Email: Southroadsa@f45training.com.au

Website: https://f45trianing.com.au/southroadsa/

The Membership prices are $250 for 10 Visit Class Pass, $0 for 14 Day Experience – Local Residents Only, $270 for 4 WKS Unlimited Training, $30 for Casual Class, $69 for One Week Visitor Pass. F45 leaves competition and clients “gasping” for air. F45 features innovative, challenging, and systemized team workouts. The studio is made to help clients physical ability.

EFM Cumberland Park

Address: 39 Oxford Terrace, Unley SA 5061

Contact Number: 1300 336 348

Email: info@efm.net.au

Website: https://efm.net.au/club/cumberland-park

Membership prices of Cumberland Park are offered in person. The gym offers a variety of workout equipment. The gym offers weight loss and fitness help along with having Australia’s leading personalized training programs.

How To Join A Local Gym

Anytime Fitness, F45, and X-ROAD Fitness offered the best correlation between quality and prices so those are my top 3 choices for gyms in the area.

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Life PT Review: Price, Location & Facilities

How To Join A Life PT Health Club

Life Personal Trainers focus mainly on creating a system where their clients get the best in health coaching, both in terms of fitness training and dietary therapy, ensuring they achieve optimal health at the peak of its powers. Founded in 2001 by Kristin and Tanya Lewis, Life PT has been adamant about sharing the benefits of good health, and actively helping others to achieve this end by personally leading them through an effective, well-planned fitness training regimen.


The key focus for Life PT is optimal health. This means they offer everything from commercial-grade fitness equipment to top of the line dietary therapy for individuals, corporates, pre/postnatal care tips as well as personal variety training programs for anyone with a specific training need.

They also offer fitness and dietary consultation at very competitive prices, and they give pointers to people who prefer a DIY (Do it yourself) kind of set up. At Life PT you get hands-on expertise from one of the best personal training teams in Adelaide, and you get coaching that is full proof.

Brutal athletic woman showing abs muscles on gray background

Locations across Australia

Life PT has 3 central locations in Australia, all strategically located to ensure easy access regardless of where you are commuting from. These three locations include Unley, Kent Town, and Hutt Street. One key feature offered by all three locations is the fact that you can book a studio tour, where you can see how things work, the attention to detail, the top-class equipment, the highly trained staff as well as the various steps taken towards optimum health.


Locations in Adelaide

All three Life PT studios are within Adelaide borders, the Unley studio is located on the inner Adelaide southern suburb on the Unley city fringe, the Kent Town studio on 11 College road at the end of Norwood Parade, while the Hutt Street Studio is more centrally placed close to the SE Adelaide Parklands.


Joining Process/membership

Life PT’s main focus is on Personalized training, health, and fitness. This is why you have everything from personal training, dietary consulting, core health processes to post and prenatal care on all levels. Each specific type of membership requires a specific type of membership portfolio, so all you need to do is sign up to their website, look through the membership options and find one that suits your personal preference.

The pricing on sessions is on a casual basis, where you pay for each session as you use it. This is usually the most convenient as it allows you to better plan your sessions in order of convenience.

If, however, you are looking for greater value, then there is the option of a pre-paid block that gives you more value for money. The options vary depending on how many people there are in your group. It’s normally on a one-person one trainer basis, but for groups, you get one trainer for two or more people.

The PT kit can range anything from $120 to $194 for 4 weeks. Individual, core health and Pre/postnatal packages all range between $100 up to $8100 depending on the specific block package you sign up for.


Nutrition and Personal Training

Life PT has secured the services of practicing dieticians who ensure your fitness regimen matches your diet for maximum results. With Matthew Morby who doubles up as an accredited diet specialist and a personal trainer and Tanya Lewis who is also an accredited sports dietician and PT, you can be assured that you are in good hands.

It is important to note that diet and fitness are jointly exhaustive, you cannot achieve one without the other.



The equipment you find at Life PT matches any top-class equipment in any of the various top-of-the-line gyms across Adelaide. The cardiovascular and resistance training equipment is all specifically suited to the kind of intense, all-round personal training coaching you will receive once you sign up.

The x trainers, steppers, kettlebells, treadmills, rowing machines are only a small list of the quality equipment you can look forward to.


How To Join A Life PT Health Club

Life PT is all about changing the way people perceive going to the gym. What has been known to be a laborious, tiring work out session has now been transformed into an ergonomic coaching session where no two work out sessions are the same, and everything is tailor-fitted to achieve maximum results.


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