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EFM Health Club Review: Price, Location and facilities

How To Join EFM Health Clubs

Initially referred to as Executive Fitness management, the EFM franchise has evolved into one of the most recognized brand names in the health and fitness industry.

Mostly operating within schools and hospitals, this group of high-quality health clubs boasts of up to 60 top-of-the-line clubs in 5 states all across Australia, offering gym membership and tailor-made personal training programs.

EFM Health Club Reviews


The EFM franchise’s main focus is on tailored fitness programs and they also run a lot of corporate health and fitness programs. All the equipment available in these health clubs is commercial grade. They also offer affordable fitness programs for students within the schools that they are located, with extra, professionally run fitness programs for parents and area residents.

Their corporate health programs usually target staff working in some of the major Australian hospitals. Here they run on-site programs with a variety of fitness options which have resulted in various awards, the most notable of which being the 2012 Bronze level recognition by Fitness Australia Quality Awards.

Joining Process/membership

EFM has a variety of membership options depending on personal preference and is tailor-made based mainly on personal preference.

Once you have established your fitness goals, you will get the technical support you need from their highly trained staff at a relatively low fee, anything from $7-$15 per session. The add on the feature here is the fact that you get better, more efficient work out support from highly acclaimed fitness coaches at this reasonable rate.

There are also personalised plans that can amount to about $33 a week, it all depends on the membership package you sign up for.

To join is easy, all you have to do is fill out a form on their official website, after submitting the form, then you will receive a response that gives you a list with the various membership plans and their rates.

It is also worth noting that membership is on a month by month basis, which means that in case you have a change of circumstance and you seek to cancel your membership, you are allowed to do it any point without the kind of apprehension and complication that comes attached to long term contracts.

EFM Locations across Australia

As mentioned earlier, EFM has had huge success over the years, allowing it to set up studios in 60 locations in 5 states. This includes branches in Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia. This expansion has now established EFM as one of the largest and fastest-growing franchises making it a top player in the health and fitness industry.

EFM Locations in Adelaide

Adelaide has the luxury of having more than 30 EFM locations within its ranks, which means that depending on how often you move around, you can use any of these facilities by simply giving a 14-day notice. CBD gym locations include Pirie Street, North Terrace Sahmri, Port Adelaide SA, Angas Street, Wakefield Street, The TCE Sahmri, as well as a branch in Currie St Adelaide City.

Nutrition and Personalised Training

EFM has effectively changed how people view personal training. What used to be a privilege only for those who could afford the exorbitant rates of a personal trainer, has now been made accessible to everyone by EFM.

Once you sign up, you will be coupled with a highly skilled personal trainer who will establish a workout plan for you, and walk you through it. The best part of this arrangement is the fact that these plans change every day, depending on your progress, meaning you get rid of the kind of redundant, repetitive exercises people do at the gym.

EFM Health Clubs also operate on a “you are what you eat” platform, which means that on top of the workout plan, you also get a 12-week diet plan that allows you to maximize your results, and helps you reach your goals more efficiently.


This health club contains all the top-notch equipment you’d find in a world-class gym. Everything from x trainers, treadmills, rowing machines, dumbbells, steppers, kettlebells, and all the premium tools you need for any variety of cardio and resistance training.

How To Join An EFM Health Club

Most people lack enthusiasm for going to the gym simply because they lack proper instruction. With personalized training and effective diet planning, EFM Health Clubs have made going to the gym a fun and satisfying experience.

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5 Best Gyms In Woodville

How To Join A Gym in Woodwille

1. Snap Fitness

Address: 57 Woodwille Road, SA 5011

Contact Number: 0408 083 626

Website: https://www.snapfitness.com/au/gyms/woodville

The club provides a wide selection of equipment that can be used for strength training, functional training as well as cardio. From the most popular equipment can be mentioned: treadmills, assault bikes, rowers, battle ropes, TRX, Stairmasters, dumbbells, and weight plates. There are also boxing bags that you can use during the Boxfit group session. Other classes include: Strength, Xtreme 45, and a 30-minute full-body workout. The fitness center offers the following amenities: free car parking, private shower rooms, vending machines, and HD TVs. The members enjoy 24-hour access. The membership fee is $45 a month.

2. Fit 460

Address: 56 Woodwille Road

Website: https://www.fit460.com.au/

The fitness club focuses more on body conditioning rather than on hard training. The schedule for a member features 6-week challenges for $60. The equipment is high-end and digitalized suiting the following classes provided by the club: boxfit, pilates, toning, cardio, and HIIT. The access for a member is around the clock.

3. F45 Woodwille

Address: Shop 1 39 51 David Tce Woodwille Park

Contact Number: 0429 093 679

Website: https://f45training.com.au/woodville/

The club is fully equipped with modern fitness machines, like spin bikes and rowers, as well as a variety of other equipment, such as dumbbells and resistance bands. The professional trainers are ready to assist you at a variety of workout sessions, including: strength, HIIT, cardio and conditioning. The membership costs $60 a week, but if you pay upfront for several months, you will get a discount. The membership entails free nutritional consulting and 24-hour access in the fitness facility.

4. Step into life

Address: St Claire Oval, Woodwille Road, SA

Contact Number: 1300 134 136

Website: http://www.stepintolife.com.au/

Step in Life is an outdoor fitness community that runs all its training sessions in the open air. You can try a wide variety of group classes, including HIIT, Cardiomax, Powerflex, Tone up, and Boxkick. During the classes, you receive guidance from qualified and friendly trainers that are happy to offer free nutritional consulting. The membership’s price tag is $28 for a program featuring 1 session per week, and $48 for unlimited sessions per week.

5. EFM Health Club

Address: 28 Woodwille Road, inside the Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Contact Number: 0433 330 262

Website: https://efm.net.au/club/woodville/

The club provides plenty of fitness programs, including: Stretch, Mobility, Strength, HIIT, and Cardio. Also, the club puts at your disposal a wide selection of equipment, from treadmills to dumbbells and to jumping ropes. Among basic facilities are: private restrooms, air conditioning, and showers. To become a member you have to pay $155 a month. Members enjoy around the clock access in the fitness center.

How To Join A Gym in Woodwille

If you want to train your body and spirit in the best gyms in Woodwille, feel free to choose from one of these three modern fitness clubs: Snap Fitness, Fit 460 and Step into Life. All of them feature qualified coaching, high-end equipment and a wide variety of programs that will push your body condition to a whole new level.

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Step Into Life Gym Review: Prices, Facilities & Location

How To Join A Step Into Life Gym

Step Into Life is one of the largest gym chains in Australia. They opened their first location in 1995 and since then have expanded exponentially. It is no wonder because they are the leaders of group outdoors personal training programs. If you are interested in exercising outside among your community, Step Into Life is a great option to consider. Here is a review of everything you need to know about Step Into Life.

Overview of Services Provided

Step Into Life is one of the best places to get in shape and lose weight, as this fitness center offers a lot. First of all, here you will find professional personal trainers with years of experience, which will give you 8-week fitness evaluations to see how you are doing. Not only that, but you will get a customized nutritional program, which will depend on your current fitness level and your goals. In addition to a custom nutrition plan, you will also receive one of 5 different training programs which are tailored to your fitness goals.

Joining Process

To join the Step Into Life fitness center, you have to choose your location and a gym closest to you will be selected. Then, you have three membership options:

1. Base

This membership option comes with 1 session per week, comes with full member benefits, all training programs, flatpack, make-up sessions, and regular fitness reports. All of it for $22 per week and $ 60-lifetime membership fee.

2. Ascent

For this membership pack, you get 2 sessions per week and everything listed above with addition to suspension training. Ascent option costs $34 per week and requires $ 60-lifetime membership fee.

3. Infinity

The final option, Infinity, gives you unlimited sessions per week and everything mentioned in Ascent option. Infinity membership option costs $45 per week and there is not a lifetime membership fee.


After you select your membership option, now you can select what training programs you want to attend. There are five different available training sessions to choose from:


Does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert, this training program involves cardio work in a vast range of different exercises. It is great for strengthening your heart and losing weight.


This training program is tailored to increase the strength of your core and improve your posture. The workout consists of working out outside with dumbbells and a fit ball.

Tone up

If you want to have a full-body workout and tone your muscle mass, this is the program to choose.


This training program is made for those who want to stretch, improve their core strength and flexibility. Powerflex training program consists of elements of yoga and Pilates.

Box kick

If you are interested in martial arts, Boxkick is just for you. This training program improves your strength and cardio by fusing kicking, boxing, and self-defense exercises.

After you choose training sessions you want to attend from the timetable, you pay and that is it. You have joined the Step Into Life fitness center!


There is over 60 Step into Life locations in seven states of Australia.

In Melbourne, Victoria, there are 30 locations to choose from. It guarantees that you will find the Step Into Life fitness center near your home!

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4 Best Gyms In Murray Bridge

How To Join A Gym In Murray Bridge

1. Anytime Fitness

Address: Level 1, 17-19 Adelaide Road, Murray Bridge

Contact Number: 0885313847

Website: https://www.anytimefitness.com.au/gyms/au-1264/murray-bridge-sa-5253/

The Anytime Fitness provides all types of fitness equipment that helps you reach your goals in each workout area. You have access to a wide range of cardio equipment, like rowing machines and treadmills. If you are focused more on the floor training, the club puts at your disposal a variety of weights and functional training units, such as battle ropes, dumbbells, and medicine balls. The club has around the clock access for members. Other facilities include private restrooms and showers, free classes and free nutritional guidance from professional and friendly trainers. The classes offer specialized training and teaching in various workout areas, like strength, yoga, and cycling. The monthly membership fee is $40, plus an upfront fee of $50.

2. Snap Fitness

Address: 31 Seventh St Murray Bridge, SA 5253

Contact Number: 0432 393 182

Website: https://go.snapfitnesswa.com.au/optin28988083

Snap Fitness offers an extensive range of equipment, helping to improve your results in both functional training and strength training. You can reach maximum functionality of your body with daily exercise routine using: jump ropes, medicine balls, and resistance bands. If you want to beef up your muscles you can do it using a wide variety of weights, you just need not be lazy and push your limits every day. Other amenities include shower rooms, convenient parking, free classes, free score assessment, and a signature 20-minute intensity workout program, prepared by qualified trainers. The fitness center is open 24/7 for members. The membership costs $45 a month.

3. Total Fitness

Address: 17 Hindmarsh Road, Murray Bridge

Contact Number: +61 8 8532 60 98

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/totalfitnessmurraybridge

The club has a wide variety of equipment, including dumbbells and barbells for muscle growth, spin bikes and treadmills for cardio and multifunctional racks for functional training. The club has a friendly and polite staff that is always ready to assist you with a piece of useful advice on your road to success. You can attend muay Thai classes, as well as Pilates and yoga groups led by professional trainers. The access to the fitness center is around the clock for members. You get the membership for $40 a month, plus each class charges an additional fee.

4. EFM Health Club

Address: Unity College, Owl Drive, Murray Bridge

Contact Number: 0448 821 657

Website: https://efm.net.au/club/murray-bridge/

EFM Health Club provides its clients with a multitude of workout options. If your goal is to gain mass, you have access to a variety of weights to push your muscles to grow, guided carefully by a qualified trainer that will customize a personal plan to your needs and capabilities. If you want to improve your cardio, such units as: spin bikes and elliptical cross trainers wait for you to bring your endurance to a whole new level. The club’s services include: group fitness, weight loss classes, one-on-one coaching and nutritional consulting. The access in the club for the members is around the clock. The membership fee is $155.

How To Join A Gym In Murray Bridge

On the whole, if you search for good gyms in Murray Bridge, the following three would be perfect picks for reaching your fitness goals: Anytime Fitness, Snap Fitness, and EFM Health Club. The clubs boast a huge variety of first-class equipment, as well as an extensive list of services to help you develop your skills and power in any workout area.

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5 Best Gyms in Noarlunga

How To Join A Gym In Noarlunga

There are several gyms in Noarlunga to choose from – how do you pick the one that’s best for you? Take a look at these five gyms below to help you decide.

Best Gyms in Noarlunga

Goodlife Noarlunga

Address: Colonnades Shopping Center, at 54 Beach Rd

Contact Number: 08 8489 3200

Website: https://www.goodlifehealthclubs.com.au/contact/contact-a-club/

With daily 24-hour access, cardio equipment, group classes, childminding, and personal trainers, Goodlife Noarlunga seems like your run-of-the-mill workout facility. They set themselves apart with their various programs. Their 8-week and 12-week challenges, championship and fit series, small group training, and Goodlife Games guarantee fitness along with sociability. Their membership options start at $17.99 per week.

Noarlunga Leisure Centre

Address: 32 David Witton Dr, Noarlunga Centre SA, 5168, adjacent to the Colonnades Shopping Centre

Contact Number: 08 8384 1144

Website: https://www.noarlungalc.com.au/

More than just a gym, Noarlunga Leisure Centre offers recreational facilities and activities. At $17.90 per week, you’ll have access to their health club, personalized wellness program, group fitness classes, the pool and spa, squash courts, and child-friendly Kindergym. If you want a gym for the whole family, then Noarlunga Leisure is your place.

BodySmith Fitness – Christies Beach

If you’re looking for a more niche exercise experience, look no further than BodySmith Fitness – Christies Beach. Open 24 hours daily with an on-site physiotherapist and specialized martial arts classes, a basic gym membership here comes in at $13.95 per week. To make full use of their state-of-the-art weight loss techniques, sign up for a 12-week program, totaling $59.

Address: 43 Gulfview Rd, Christies Beach, 5156

Contact Number: 0401 118 962

Website: http://www.bodysmithfitness.com.au/

SpaClubs 24 Fitness

Address: 7/12-20 David Witton Dr, Noarlunga Centre SA, 5168

Contact Number: 08 7285 9941

Website: http://www.spaclubs.com.au/noarlunga.html

For a limited time, you can pay a reduced membership fee of $10.95 per week, only at the Noarlunga location. At SpaClubs 24 Fitness, you’ll find the typical gym and spa experience; standard equipment, group fitness, and personalized training. While it doesn’t boast some of the specialized amenities of other gyms in the area, SpaClubs 24 Fitness has the lowest price tag.

EFM Health Clubs Noarlunga

The EFM Health Clubs franchise is unique because it opens clubs in schools and hospitals. Their approach is based on personalized fitness, working with you to find your best exercise and wellness plan. If you don’t have the option of membership through your employer, a public membership plan will run at $155.

Address: TAFE vocational school campus, in the Westwing, Level 1 Room W258, Ramsey Place

Contact Number: 0415 834 719

Website: https://efm.net.au/club/noarlunga/

How To Join A Gym In Noarlunga

For gyms in Noarlunga, the best value for the money is the Noarlunga Leisure Centre. It offers the widest array of facilities and activities for its price range. For a traditional gym, go for SpaClubs 24 Fitness – their price can’t be beaten and they’re fully stocked with the equipment and personal trainers you’d need. The final recommendation is BodySmith Fitness, for their unique offer of martial arts classes and their on-site physio staff. The gym you choose will, of course, depend on your preferences, as each one offers a slightly different experience.

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