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North Adelaide Fitness Centre Review

North Adelaide Fitness Centre Review: Price, Location & Facilities Review

Overview of their Services

North Adelaide Fitness Centre is a premier quality fitness gym that is dedicated to providing a full range of personalised physical fitness services. Among the services, they provide include personal training, group fitness, massage, weight loss programs, naturopath and nutrition, strength training, lift for life for those over 60 and much more. In every physical fitness service, there is a personal trainer who’ll track your progress and offer you assessments and reviews. Their sessions are customised to suit the needs of each trainee. In fact, there are 30 minutes, 45 minutes and even 60 minutes sessions for you to choose depending on your pace.

The most fascinating thing about North Adelaide Fitness Centre is that their services are results-driven.

North Adelaide Fitness Centre Price

How to Join and Prices

North Adelaide Fitness Club don’t charge any joining fee. Besides, they have no lock-in contracts as everything is customisable. As a new member, you can enjoy a seven-day free trial. The free trial membership gives you full access to Les Mills Group, Pilates classes, cardio and kickboxing and more. However, before joining you need to fill in an application form and a pass will be sent to your email. They have several offers on their prices. In fact, you can save up to $149 on your physical fitness! There is also the Do-it-Yourself program where you decide the type of service you want that fits your budget. The three month upfront is priced at $199. Their registration fee upfront is $79 only.

North Adelaide Fitness Centre Location

North Adelaide Fitness Centre is located in 2A Hawker Street in Ovingham South Australia. It was established in 1999 and have been serving clients in the entire North Adelaide and other neighbouring areas such as Brampton, Croydon, Hindmarsh and Prospect and much more. They also allow walk-ins provided you want to stay healthy and physical fitness.

Facilities and Equipment

Regardless of the physical fitness exercise, you’re looking for, North Adelaide Fitness Centre has every equipment needed for the job. They’re equipped with the latest and most advanced physical fitness tools such as treadmills, weights, rowing machines, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, Stairmasters, steppers, cardiovascular and other several fitness equipment. As a member, you enjoy unlimited full access to all the facilities in the centre.

Other Services

What makes North Adelaide Fitness Centre unique from other gym clubs is that their services go beyond physical fitness. You also get educated on how to keep proper nutrition to aid you to achieve your fitness goals and get value for your money. They have nutrition experts who’ll guide you on the type of nutrition that matches your fitness needs. Additionally, they also provide childminding service that is available for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years. The service is available from Monday to Friday 9-11:30 am. They have the most friendly, safe and pleasurable environment for kids. Therefore, if you have a kid and want to train, you can have ample time to do so.

North Adelaide Fitness Centre Review

If you are looking for a nice, cosy and fun environment to train and learn more about physical fitness, then North Adelaide has so much to offer. The place is not overflowing with people and facilities are sufficient. There are all exercises and results are guaranteed. Besides, the trainers are friendly and professional. It is the place you can be self-assured in quality.


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A goodlife gym Review

Goodlife Health Club Review: Learn Goodlife Gym Prices and Locations

How To Join A Goodlife Health Club

Goodlife health clubs is Australia’s leading health club offering a variety of services that encourage people to live a healthier and more active life.

When choosing the right gym, you mainly consider what you are looking for and whether the particular gym can offer you such services. Goodlife health clubs have a variety of services offered to suit everyone from the kids to the adults of both genders.

They offer classes for the active kids, “mums and bubs” and the active adults. Aside from the fitness classes, they offer several programs for a range of fitness goals. They include; Goodlife games consisting of four workouts in four weeks in teams of two, group training with a professional trainer, as well as twelve and eight-week session challenges.

Goodlife Health Clubs Cost

How Do You Join the Process and At What Cost?

Goodlife health club has several options for you to join the process.

1. Active Plus Membership – with the active plus membership, you get a year of membership and can access all clubs offered.

2. Active flexi membership – active flexi membership gives you access to all Goodlife gyms at any time. You only need to call your nearest good life health club to consult with them.

3. Active Home – gives you a one-year membership at a home club.

4. Active Advantage – gives you membership of 18 months at a home club.

The prices for the clubs vary depending on the location and the type of membership plan. The costs, however, start from $15 per week. But remember you will have to part with an administration fee of $99 for 24/7 clubs and $89 for the rest of the clubs.

Goodlife Health Clubs Locations

Goodlife clubs currently has 76 locations across Australia. Most of these locations are situated in Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, and New South Wales. In Adelaide, good life health clubs has 12 locations.

What Facilities And Equipment Do They Provide?

At Goodlife health clubs, you get to enjoy a variety of facilities and equipment. Most of these clubs are spacious with over 200 square meters and features a relaxation, a ladies only area, several modern cardio equipments as well as a supportive team of staff to help you work out. You also get to enjoy a range of services including favorite classes like dance, yoga, boxing and other services.

What Other Services The Goodlife Health Clubs Offer?

Goodlife health club also offers several other services like diet plans and recipes, weekly workouts, leaderboard tracking and online community forum. They also have prizes and awards for the best performance during their eight and twelve-week functional training competition – as a motivation to work out.

Goodlife Health Club Review

The gym was founded in 2002 and has grown enormously to be the most popular in Australia with over 77 locations. This has enhanced the possibility of anyone in Australia to locate a Goodlife gym near him.

It boasts a membership of over 200,000 members and train them to live a better and healthier life. Therefore, if you need to get fit and healthy, Goodlife health clubs is the place to be with the variety of services offered at an affordable price.

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