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Plus Fitness Review: Membership Prices and Locations Guide

How To Join A Plus Fitness

Plus Fitness Review:

Plus Fitness happens to be a gym chain operated by an Australian company for more than 18 years. Its aim is to offer the members friendly as well as non-intimidating gyms along with top quality support. In case you are trying to find a fitness center that will satisfy all your requirements, then Plus Fitness should be the one for you. As compared to many other similar American franchises out there, this particular company claims to offer inexpensive membership rates. Below, we will take a look at the different services offered by Plus Fitness.

Plus Fitness Membership Price:

Guide to joining process and prices…

Given that Plus Fitness happens to be a franchise, it is quite natural that the membership rates are going to vary from one location to another. The prices commence at only $ 13.95 every week, and there are also other options available. Moreover, in case you are unable to attend the fitness center due to illness or any other reason, it will be possible to put your membership on hold for as many as 3 months without paying anything at all. You will likewise be offered a 7-day pass so as to try out the fitness center in case you do have any doubt regarding whether you will be benefited by joining it.

Plus Fitness Locations:

There are in excess of 250 Plus Fitness centers in Australia including 43 in Western Australia, 13 in Queensland, 5 in South Australia, 178 in New South Wales and 15 in Victoria.

Locations in Adelaide, South Australia:

There are as many as 5 centers within 5 km of Adelaide including Enfield, Gawler, Marleston, Glenelg South, and Mawson Lakes.

Facilities and type of equipment provided:

Plus Fitness provides several programs among which one is Plus on Demand’. Here you will come across virtual classes where it is possible to select a class from as many as 16 styles including indoor cycling, high-intensity classes, and yoga. Another program happens to be the “Functional 30’ which are actually 30-minute workouts. You will also be offered Plus fitness master classes’ which include several specialized classes such as boxing, Pilates, boot camp, weight loss challenges and so on.

Basic Facilities:

However, you will be offered all these facilities at an additional charge. Below we have mentioned the facilities offered by Plus Fitness in a nutshell:

The basic facilities will consist of strength and cardio training equipment, personal training, as well as group training.

The Genesis specific services will consist of Functional Training Zone (each class of 30-minute duration), Plus on Demand classes (you can access the virtual classes round-the-clock 7 days a week) as well as complementary tailored fitness programs.

Additional facilities including around-the-clock access to all Plus Fitness gyms.

Other services provided:

Personal training is also available where a trainer is going to instruct a member regarding his or her specific fitness goals as well as personal time frames.

Members will be provided with a 3-lane indoor running and walking track.

Saunas and whirlpools are located in every single locker room for member use only.

The local rooms will feature both half-length lockers as well as full-length lockers for overnight storage of workout apparel.

Every single member will be provided with a hand towel for using in the gym. Body towels will also be provided for the showers, sauna, and whirlpool.

General information about Plus Fitness:

This gym was founded in 1996 by John Fuller and Nigel Miller. Till now, its revenue stands at more than $14 million and there are 21 employees in total. Although the growth of this company was a bit subdued in 2013-14, it has succeeded in expanding its Australian presence with more than 200 locations right now.

Member feedback:

“It is a fantastic gym, clean as well as tidy. It has got well-maintained equipment plus classes. The staff is quite friendly and helpful. It is likewise possible to select music according to my preferences. In a nutshell, I will highly recommend Plus Fitness to any fitness enthusiast”. – Dorothy Jones

“I have tried lots of fitness centers, and this one is the best I have come across so far. I simply love the atmosphere out there and although some of the equipment happens to be a bit outdated, the staff is always friendly and cordial. There are moreover plenty of options so that you need not wait for others to finish. Overall, it is a superb gym, and I will give it 5 stars”. -Andrew Carroll

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