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Why EFM?

“During the recent EFM triathlon while thinking about my progress it occurred to me that if I had been unhappy with EFM I would have written and made a complaint. It never occurred to me to write and congratulate you on what has been nothing short of a remarkable transformation made possible by EFM North Terrace SAHMRI. I’m not a guy who would normally go to a gym. I was the one avoiding Phys Ed all through school. As I approached middle age getting older and more overweight year on year. At 50 I was 96kg and only getting bigger. I had no intention of ever going to a gym. How could I? A guy like me. I was convinced to have a one-on-one session with Simon from EFM North Terrace SAHMRI. I went along knowing it would be terrible, embarrassing but it really wasn’t. Simon never made me feel anything less than positive. We agreed to more sessions. I started running. In honesty running is probably a very flattering word for what I was doing. Simon was always encouraging. I started to lose weight and Simon kept pushing. Challenging me to do more. He believed I could do more even when I didn’t and we set a goal, the City Bay. We kept training Simon pushing me, raising the bar. Simon and I did run the City Bay. My time was 56:47. Quite remarkable progress. I am a fitter, healthier, happier person. I’m planning to run a half marathon in 2017 as my next goal. I’m 28kg lighter, infinity fitter none of which would have been possible without Simon and EFM.” – Nigel, EFM Member


How To Find A Gym In Adelaide


Are you battling with the idea of joining a gym? You are not alone, many people know for sure that they want to start going to the gym but have no clue where to start from. Probably you have shopped for your gym wear and are all psyched up but don’t know how to start the next step.

Well, let’s look at 5 important tips for joining a gym

1. Get past the initial fear and intimidation

It can be so intimidating walking into a gym for the first time and seeing all those machines and equipment not to mention other pro members who seem to know it all. I get it completely, however, that feeling should just last a minute and then you push yourself beyond it.

Walk in like a pro-wannabe even though you are a newbie, gather your confidence. Ask your trainer for tutorials first on machines that you don’t know how to use. You can as well watch videos on YouTube on how to use them.

About being a pro, it will come with time. A few more sessions and you will stop feeling out of place. And guess what, someone else will walk in intimidated just as you were.

2. No one is judging you

Its normal to feel as though people are looking at you and judging your body shape or size. Trust me there are all sorts of people in the gym and they come in all shapes, ages, and sizes. Everyone is there just to work on their body and no one has the time to judge yours. The same goes for you, don’t judge anyone.

3. Observe gym etiquette

This may not be written out anywhere but gym etiquette is something you must observe. Things like wiping out the machines after using, not borrowing face towels, cleanliness, returning machines and equipment to where you found them are just some of the few. Learn them beforehand.

4. The progress will be slow, be patient

You need a ton of patience to see the results of you heading to the gym every day. So don’t be so hard on yourself and push yourself so much, you will burn out. And dont quit immediately you dont see any results, give it time.

5. Find motivation

Try and find whatever will keep you on your goal to keep fit. Could be your upcoming wedding or a vacation and you are working out to fit into that dress or that bikini. Point is get motivated so that you don’t fall off the wagon. Get something even if it is the money you paid for your membership.

Now that you know what to expect and how to go about it as a gym newbie, let’s look at some of the gyms you can join in Adelaide. Check them out and see what fits your needs and is warm to your pocket.

Best Adelaide Gyms

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is a comprehensive gym and fitness club that caters for all your needs from cardio, strength, free weights to all functionalities. They have a good amount of space, they have the most modern equipment that suits all your workout goals and fitness levels. They have fitness clubs all over South Australia and across the world that you can access with your membership card, you can just find a gym close to you on their website. Read our review.

Fitness First

The best thing about Fitness First is that they have group training;freestyle group training and group coaching which is ideal for beginners. They also have personal trainers if you prefer one on one coaching. Their fitness ground is filled with training equipment, pin-loaded weights, lifts and cardio equipment. They have clubs all over Australia as well. Read our review.

Snap Fitness

They have a membership that includes a free personalized fitness assessment when you first join, customized workouts and lifestyle coaching. You can join either of their two clubs in Adelaide. Read our review.

Plus Fitness

If you are looking for affordable personal training and a club that offers you 24-hour access and no lock-in contracts then head over to Plus fitness. They have 2 clubs within Adelaide. Read our review.

F45 Training

They have nutritionists that will help you with meal planning besides their gym training. They also claim to have a challenging and systemized team workout training in the world. You can join one of the two clubs in Adelaide as well. Read our review.

Jetts Fitness

With over 250 gym centres across the world, Jetts is ideal if you are the busy type. You get results without spending so much time at the gym. You can try them out by joining their 3-day free trial offer. Read our review.

EFM Health Clubs

They have affordable yet highly tailored personalized training programs. You can join their 25-day free membership program to test them out in their Adelaide fitness club. Read our review.

Goodlife Health Clubs

Located at the heart of Adelaide city, Goodlife fitness club is a one-stop shop for all your fitness needs. They also have guided yoga sessions and Pilates studio. Read our review.

Fernwood Fitness

This is a well-established, great facility all-female health club that is geared toward empowering women through fitness. They are located at the Rundle Mall. If you are a woman in the corporate world, this is the place for you. Read our review.

So many options to choose from, right? Check them out and join one today and start your journey to a physically fit you.

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