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Adelaide Gym Reviews

Learn about the best gyms in Adelaide with our comprehensive reviews.

Anytime Fitness is a comprehensive gym and fitness club that caters for all your needs from cardio, strength, free weights to all functionalities. They have a good amount of space, they have the most modern equipment that suits all your workout goals and fitness levels. They have fitness clubs all over South Australia and across the world that you can access with your membership card, you can just find a gym close to you on their website. Read our review.

The best thing about Fitness First is that they have group training;freestyle group training and group coaching which is ideal for beginners. They also have personal trainers if you prefer one on one coaching. Their fitness ground is filled with training equipment, pin-loaded weights, lifts and cardio equipment. They have clubs all over Australia as well. Read our review.

They have a membership that includes a free personalized fitness assessment when you first join, customized workouts and lifestyle coaching. You can join either of their two clubs in Adelaide. Read our review.

If you are looking for affordable personal training and a club that offers you 24-hour access and no lock-in contracts then head over to Plus fitness. They have 2 clubs within Adelaide. Read our review.

They have nutritionists that will help you with meal planning besides their gym training. They also claim to have a challenging and systemized team workout training in the world. You can join one of the two clubs in Adelaide as well. Read our review.

With over 250 gym centres across the world, Jetts is ideal if you are the busy type. You get results without spending so much time at the gym. You can try them out by joining their 3-day free trial offer. Read our review.

They have affordable yet highly tailored personalized training programs. You can join their 25-day free membership program to test them out in their Adelaide fitness club. Read our review.

Located at the heart of Adelaide city, Goodlife fitness club is a one-stop shop for all your fitness needs. They also have guided yoga sessions and Pilates studio. Read our review.

This is a well-established, great facility all-female health club that is geared toward empowering women through fitness. They are located at the Rundle Mall. If you are a woman in the corporate world, this is the place for you. Read our review.

So many options to choose from, right? Check them out and join one today and start your journey to a physically fit you.

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How To Join A Gym In Adelaide

Thinking about getting back into fitness or looking for a new gym to join?

We’ve put together a basic guide to selecting a new gym that helps you with what to look for, plus how to get off to the best start possible. Enjoy!

Best gyms in adelaide

  1. Start with a goal: Knowing what you want out of a fitness program may dictate the type of gym you join. If you have big goals, you’ll likely want to join a more personalised gym (we recommend EFM Health Clubs), perhaps hire a personal trainer.
  2. Know you: What type of exercise do you like? High intensity? Join a circuit-based or perhaps boxing gym. Like “me time” on the treadmill, perhaps join a bigger 24-hour gym. Consider what you enjoy most before choosing the gym!
  3. Get a proper induction: Most gyms offer a free induction or complimentary session with a trainer. Take advantage of it! Get to know all of the equipment and perhaps pick up some tips on a specific training method to get you to your goals sooner!
  4. Plan to succeed: We all live busy lives, but to make sure you will be able to get enough workouts in during any given week, map out the times you can train at the start of each week so that you are prepared in advance.
  5. Seek knowledge: If you’re unsure about the best way to go about achieving your goal, find out! The answers you seek are likely just a Google search or a visit to Youtube away.
  6. Track your progress: Most fitness apps nowadays have inbuilt workout programs, calorie counting, and even diet tips. Download one right away and start using it because if it isn’t measured it can’t be monitored and improved upon.
  7. Get an accountability buddy: It’s the moments when you’re just about to skip a workout until an accountability partner gives you a gentle nudge that can be the difference between achieving your goals or not, so find a friend or family member to be your accountability buddy asap!

There you have it, a seven-step guide to joining a gym. Now it’s over to you – time to move!

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